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  1. My first answer was to Charles Steve. I expected an answer from him at the time, but I got an answer from you. Then I had to explain to everyone that I did not criticize Alamy. Anyway, it has been enough. I have given my opinion and am now leaving the forum. Then you have peace again.
  2. My God, I can not believe that people do not read and understand the Terms of a library before they contribute thousands of images. I would also hope that Alamy's terms are available in more than just English? If anyone reads this on a question. Then that is not incentive to ever ask something on this forum again if you are new here Charles. I thought it was quite insulting. Mainly because I didn't ask anything, just trying to thank someone nicely. See my answer to MizBrown. Something was unclear to me, it ended up in the topic via the search engine, where it was explain
  3. I will come back for a moment, because it is not polite not to answer people who try to answer. I know this. It wasn't a question from me either. I came to this topic through the search program, where the question was answered to someone else. I am new to this forum, but I've been on other forums for years. I know how it works. The percentage that is for Alamy is of course known to me. The way in which this was indicated on my Balance of account was not entirely clear to me. Well after I had read the topic. That's all. I thought it was nice to say thanks even though it was not my questio
  4. I understand what you mean. Thanks for any help Steve. I will no longer be on this forum.
  5. On Shutterstock, there are a lot of dissatisfied people about this lack of clarity. Now that I know how it works, I am satisfied with the report at Alamy. 🙂
  6. Hi Paulette, I am a newbe, but I know Steve is very helpful. He already helped me when I couldn't figure out how to install my Paypal. (Chuck, that was really stupid of me) I'll just answer him here, why Chuck's behavior bothers me, but appreciate him very much. I think he knows that. What bothers me is that Chuck gets likes and nobody tells him that there is another way. I am new to the forum and thought of coming more often. Maybe in turn I can help someone identify insects, which sometimes happens on Shutterstock. My hobby: www.tuin-thijs But I better not do that.
  7. Indeed, there are less nice, arrogant people everywhere. I was looking for clarity on payment and found this topic. I thought it was neat to add a thank you note and explain why I was confused (presumably just like the questioner) When I get the answer from this gentleman that he is surprised that there are still such stupid people. And that is considered normal. Then I have something like I should have not put a thank you here. That would have saved a lot of annoyance.
  8. My God, What an arrogant answer. I thought this forum was there to help people and not kick the floor. If this is the mentality on this forum I will not come here anymore. It must be frustrating for you guys to listen and answer my stupid questions, explanations.
  9. I know and I agree. There is a lot of speculation and grumbling about this lack of clarity on the Shutterstock forum. Especially since the introduction of the 10 cents as the lowest payment after May last year. The reason I signed up with Alamy. But it remains confusing if you are used to only seeing the price that you get. Maybe also because English is not my spoken language, I did not fully understand the Balance of account.
  10. Thank you all for the explanation. It was not clear to me either. That's because Shutterstock and Adobestock only pass on the price at a sale, where all costs have already been deducted.
  11. Hi Laurence, I also don't sell much compared to others. So someone else can advise you better. But I don't see any answers yet. When I look at your photos: You have to upload a lot more photos. A number of photos look alike. (the same door twice, the same photos in color and without color). So actually there are even fewer different photos. Too few keywords. Keywords are very important to be easy to find among all those other photos. I often look at keywords from similar photos.
  12. I was indeed in the wrong place. A little confusing as I expected something to be there. But I found it. It should be okay now. Thank you very much. 👍
  13. Thanks I had looked there already. But at Áccount Settings" I can find anything about Payment. And at "Payment options'' I only find a form with Company*, Website, Division/Publication and 123456789 what I don't understand.
  14. Hi I joined Alamy after the changes at Shutterstock in June. I did not have to fill in how I wanted to be paid. Until January I had made $ 10 and it was irrelevant. But now I have made a total of $ 84 and it was time to find out. It must be stupid, but I don't get it. I have a PayPal account. I have looked at My Alamy (Apply for a credit account) but don't understand anything. Am I missing something? Regards, Thijs, Netherlands
  15. Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. I never store passwords for security reasons. At comparable sites such as Flickr, Shutterstock, Adobe, Forum Diptera, Gmail, etc. you do not have to log in again and again. Sometimes there is a question for how long you want to stay logged in.. Although .. That is the case with my Bank and FileZilla. Maybe you are right that it is safer. Afterwards, I would have been better off instructing the computer to remember the password, indeed. Thijs
  16. Hi I’m Thijs de Graaf, living in the Netherlands. Retired teacher. I have been photographing for years for my website about my hobby of gardening and especially identifying insects. The photos were usually not good enough to sell. Last year I signed up for Shutterstock. When it was announced five days in advance in May that earnings were being lowered and all admins withdrew from the forum, I thought it was time to check out other stock sites (just as other photographers). Alamy was described as a stock site, where the sale and payout was fairer. You sell less but at
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