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  1. Thank you all for the explanation. It was not clear to me either. That's because Shutterstock and Adobestock only pass on the price at a sale, where all costs have already been deducted.
  2. Hi Laurence, I also don't sell much compared to others. So someone else can advise you better. But I don't see any answers yet. When I look at your photos: You have to upload a lot more photos. A number of photos look alike. (the same door twice, the same photos in color and without color). So actually there are even fewer different photos. Too few keywords. Keywords are very important to be easy to find among all those other photos. I often look at keywords from similar photos.
  3. I was indeed in the wrong place. A little confusing as I expected something to be there. But I found it. It should be okay now. Thank you very much. 👍
  4. Thanks I had looked there already. But at Áccount Settings" I can find anything about Payment. And at "Payment options'' I only find a form with Company*, Website, Division/Publication and 123456789 what I don't understand.
  5. Hi I joined Alamy after the changes at Shutterstock in June. I did not have to fill in how I wanted to be paid. Until January I had made $ 10 and it was irrelevant. But now I have made a total of $ 84 and it was time to find out. It must be stupid, but I don't get it. I have a PayPal account. I have looked at My Alamy (Apply for a credit account) but don't understand anything. Am I missing something? Regards, Thijs, Netherlands
  6. Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. I never store passwords for security reasons. At comparable sites such as Flickr, Shutterstock, Adobe, Forum Diptera, Gmail, etc. you do not have to log in again and again. Sometimes there is a question for how long you want to stay logged in.. Although .. That is the case with my Bank and FileZilla. Maybe you are right that it is safer. Afterwards, I would have been better off instructing the computer to remember the password, indeed. Thijs
  7. Hi I’m Thijs de Graaf, living in the Netherlands. Retired teacher. I have been photographing for years for my website about my hobby of gardening and especially identifying insects. The photos were usually not good enough to sell. Last year I signed up for Shutterstock. When it was announced five days in advance in May that earnings were being lowered and all admins withdrew from the forum, I thought it was time to check out other stock sites (just as other photographers). Alamy was described as a stock site, where the sale and payout was fairer. You sell less but at
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