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  1. Thank you - I think I get the histogram bit - another very useful bit of info
  2. Thanks Steve - yes it does. However, rather sadly, my entire collection of photographs were taken in JPEG Which well and truly explains why I was having an issue.... Thank you Steve. Onward and upward from here.... And of course this gives me a great excuse to head our with the camera today....
  3. Thanks Steve - this is great Than you so much.....
  4. Thanks Mark. They were rejected by the uploader. This is useful
  5. Hi - I would be keen to know the actual cause of this. I I have just had exactly the same issue. I am sure it a newbie error but nonetheless I would be keen to hear your experience.
  6. Hi I am hoping to encourage my husband to add his photos to Alamy but thought I would try things out for myself in the first instance and sadly, that hasn't gone too well :( My husband has two Leica cameras - VLux 14 and DLux 9. He tells me he takes his photos in jpeg in 3:2 ratio He used the free Lightroom App on his ipad to edit his photos. When I upload the photos after editing via Lightroom they appear to be too small for the Alamy QC test I don't know too much about photography so I have no idea what I am doing wrong.... I don't quite understand the lingo either
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