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  1. First sell of the year for me 🤪: Usage: Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use only Thanks Alamy.
  2. No sell so far this year 2021. Not that easy to sell pictures 😅
  3. I have 3 Nikon lens, i believe there is a device (adaptor) to use them on the z6, i have read a lot of reviews, but i would like to have the opinion of someone who have the 2. Trying them on a store will not give me the best help, photographers have the best opinions of the real pros and cons. Thanks guys. Cheers 👍
  4. Someone have the two models and can help me to figure out what will be the best option and why. Thanks! Vítor
  5. What an amazing person he was! We all need to find the Captain inside us in those difficult times and help each other. Rest in Peace Hero!
  6. Contributor since 2018 Total: 10 sells (108.84$), 2 Pictures/8 Vectors First payment soon (54.51) 😁
  7. For me the real issue is to take picture with persons faces 😁 i feel abusive. Keywords are truly time consuming too.
  8. It's not that easy to sell pictures, i have 2 sells in 2 years 🤔 I suppose that we have to look on the news market for what kind of pictures they use to publish. Good luck for you. Vítor.
  9. Hello friends, do you send your portfolio link to local newspapers in your cities? Cheers. Vítor 🙂
  10. Started to read your blog 30 minutes ago, thank you for the lovely words, images and motivational storytelling! Vítor
  11. That's my point 👍 https://m.dpreview.com/articles/8606487746/sony-a7-iii-vs-canon-eos-r-vs-nikon-z6-which-is-best
  12. Hello, Nikon but i will try to save some money for a Sony in the future. Cheers o/
  13. Dear photographers, can someone give me some tips about some improvements i need to implement on my portfolio, thanks! https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={2339BB7F-1D11-4051-AF52-E5F21CCA5701}&name=Vitor_Portugal&st=11&mode=0&comp=1
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