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  1. That's the correct way to do the job, and the responsibilities of the illustration tags on the articles is without any doubt a responsibility of the publisher. πŸ‘
  2. Everything have a brand, people, a design, a company that built something, a gardener that make some changes on urban spaces. Can we only take pictures on the wilderness "if not a protected area"? Why is Alamy asking pictures with smiling people if we can't take it safely? To pay a model and get the release, we will never get it back with the 0.10$ commission...
  3. We don't even know where are our pictures on the world wide web... You post them on one agency and they just go to a bunch of other websites... Exclusive to Alamy doesn't mean what i was thinking about exclusivity πŸ˜‚ Someone needs to put on the resellers contract that is mandatory to use watermarks on our work. Those pictures can easily be used on presentations without the watermarks and without the need to pay for them.
  4. Big thumbnails without watermarks... What a joke... By pressing on the thumbnail you can download it with a clean 450X320 picture without watermark.
  5. Some in the business told me, you can fill the "notes about the picture box" with the restrictions you apply to the picture if you want to defend your self About misuses.
  6. But if the story is offensive, using the "illustration" with no story related with the subject written on an article it means that the story is the problem, no the illustration "photography" right?
  7. The photographer here, he's the only one who don't have full responsibility for the use of the photography, if the photography is not legal by showing a brand with no release or a person, alamy needs to review and just delete those pictures. Or just add more options on the posting board like: Do you submit for political uses? For advertising?.... We can't even select the restrictions.
  8. I believe that Alamy, has a seller of photography posted here, where they get directly the money from costumers have the legal accountability to check what they are selling and help the clients to found what they need... Otherwise, they will have to contact the photographer about every single sell and inform the use of the photography so the photographer can aprove it or not. That's the way to input the accountability on the photographer. The other way is Alamy only sell by request, and just ban hobby photographers. They just can't get rich and don't care about the "work force" this looks like
  9. That the real point, nobody can blame the photographer about the use of someone will do with the picture. Alamy have to deal with this, you just can't blame the gun manufacturer if someone use the gun to commit a crime.
  10. Almost paying to post pictures... If you have to pay some model, or buy a drink to some friend or spend some cash to travel to take the picture you want... Stock photography is not paying the real value of the work and effort... It's declining real fast! Cheers πŸ₯‚
  11. You need to use the ftp connection to upload Vectors.
  12. First sell of the year for me πŸ€ͺ: Usage: Editorial newspaper any editorial digital use, one time use only Thanks Alamy.
  13. No sell so far this year 2021. Not that easy to sell pictures πŸ˜…
  14. I have 3 Nikon lens, i believe there is a device (adaptor) to use them on the z6, i have read a lot of reviews, but i would like to have the opinion of someone who have the 2. Trying them on a store will not give me the best help, photographers have the best opinions of the real pros and cons. Thanks guys. Cheers πŸ‘
  15. Someone have the two models and can help me to figure out what will be the best option and why. Thanks! VΓ­tor
  16. What an amazing person he was! We all need to find the Captain inside us in those difficult times and help each other. Rest in Peace Hero!
  17. Contributor since 2018 Total: 10 sells (108.84$), 2 Pictures/8 Vectors First payment soon (54.51) 😁
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