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  1. I just find the whole thing comical, they had no basis to contact me and no real argument, waste of everyone's time
  2. No sorry I should have been clear, I blocked their further communication
  3. I had this through today, Laughable Dear Gary,I had already noted that you had marked the images for editorial sale.My main concern was for our employee. When we attend any of our sites on a photography shoot, we seek permission of those we are photographing giving our employees the option to not be photographed - there are always some who take this option as not everyone is comfortable with having their image used in the public domain in relation to their work. There can be any number of reasons for this.As in this instance you did not check, we do not know is this employee is happy for their image to be used, they are easily identifiable as a result of wearing Colas branded clothing and they may not be willing for this to be in the public domain.My reason for contact was as I explained in the first instance, clarification as to whether you had sought their permission. Whilst I appreciate you have not broken any law, obviously I am just ensuring that wherever possible we protect our staff. Colas Ltd is a UK company. i said take any action you wish but good luck with that basically, now blocked.
  4. I had a little more communication with them this evening after I had ask for clarification on why I should remove the images. They said that because I hadn't asked permission to take the images of a member of their staff and their logo was present they should be removed, they obviously don't know what they are talking about and it seems like they are making it up as they go along, I've decided to leave the images up and stop communication with them, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here, I expect nowhere. They actually got my email through my business Facebook page, I wonder how many other images are like this online, there must be hundreds of not thousands. Anyway thank you all for the advice, its very much appreciated, if I receive anything remotely legal I will share the outcome. Thanks again Gary
  5. Haha thank you, never a strong point but that's embarrassing 🙂
  6. Some pretty solid detective work there 🙂
  7. Thank you, I will look at doing this, that's a good point. Gary
  8. Spot on James, have you had this before?
  9. Hi here are the ID of the images in question 2A3Y6RR RMM6BC T0K4XK Many thanks
  10. Thank you for your reply I will try and pop the images in question on here this afternoon, although I say I am happy to delete them I do have frustration if I am perfectly entitled to take the image, I have asked them to clarify their legal point of view to see what they come up with, hopefully I will have some more info a bit later today Gary
  11. Hi and thank you in advance, I've been contributing on alamy for a couple of years but Never posted here before I am struggling to find the information I need online, I would be grateful if anyone had any knowledge on the subject. I have been contacted by quite a large UK company asking me to remove some images I have on various stock sites, they are images are of some of their staff at work in the street (no faces as shot from behind but the companies logo is visible on the back of the uniform) they are all marked as editorial only, to be honest they arent images that would win any award so I thought I would just delete them but I do wonder where i stand legally in the UK? Thanks again Gary
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