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  1. Hey Steve! You might not say so by judging my portfolio - I'm not from Austria but from Belgium. Looking to the examples you've mentioned it seems indeed that the captions on some of the landscape pictures can be improved. I wasn't quite sure to use the german word (ex. 'Salzburgerland') or the english one because I assumed that german speaking customers would have a harder time trying to find the picture. With this feedback I can review my portfolio and make some quick but effective changes. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that you like the portfolio and that the captions are looking good. When it comes to keywords I'm still learning the best approach. I'm still not sure wether it's a good or bad thing to include keyword adjectives like 'beautiful', 'colorful', 'amazing'.. Same question when it comes to using multiple words as one keyword or not. At the moment I try to adjust the keywords whenever I see that it was viewed by a potentional buyer under irrelevant keywords. That helps a little, but more tips are most welcome!
  3. Usually 3 times a day. One time in the morning, around midday and when the working day ends. Funny since I never actually caught one sale at this time being! I also like the search stats and the zooms since they help me out with adjusting keywords where needed.
  4. Hi! I'm a relative new member to Alamy (joined February this year) So far I've uploaded about 130 pictures (which isn't much when speaking in stock terms, but the portfolio grows steady in size every week.. ) When it comes to sales I haven't been lucky yet I notice that my photos are being found more and more by potentional buyers. I'd like to receive some honest feedback (and critique) on my portfolio. Especially the quality and keywords of my pictures are things I'd like to learn more about. Who better to ask than the experienced members?
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