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  1. For images taken with the Canon 20d and 30d, I had to upsize just slightly to get them through.
  2. It would be good to get a definitive answer on this - I have some images taken with an 8.2mp camera years ago that I've had to upsize to get through....I still have some of these images that I can edit and upload.
  3. Give it to Ed. Well deserved, Ed I'm just ready to hop in my car for a trip along the Route 66 of France (N7). In a hurry .... no time..... sorry....... be back somewhere next week .... bye Cheers, Philippe No...no....give it to Philippe! I hadn't seen this or voted. Wow, I'm very surprised. Thank you
  4. That's good to know! I believe I read the new camera to be released will produce 12mp stills from video.
  5. I have been toying with video on my digicams over the past year or so and would like to build up a portfolio of videos to submit to Alamy. I was looking at the unsuitable camera list and I noticed GoPro is listed as an "unsuitable camera" and it's applied to ALL GoPro cameras. I'm curious if this relates to video or if it relates to stills pulled from video clips? Does anyone have videos in the collection from a GoPro? I was considering buying on of the newly release version (Hero 4+). Thanks.
  6. Many years ago, there was a film image in the collection of Sir Edmund Hillary on top of Mt. Everest in the collection that was grainy. It was a very rough image and I think it was from the original expedition in 1953. I think it was part of the National Geographic collection. After reading this thread, I did a search on "Sir Edmund Hillary Everest" looking for that image....and 88 images were returned. None of them were of Sir Edmund Hillary standing on Everest (though his statue did return). When I did a search of Sir Edmund Hillary, only 148 images were returned and there were 3 of the expedition group, but none of him standing on Everest. My thoughts are that images of people and places should stay (duplicates removed as is your instance of course), but those images are, in a sense, historic in nature and it's something we should preserve for future generations. Images of our groceries taken over a white background though, I'm not sure about
  7. Wim, I'm not sure what you mean? I was suggesting another section in the Alamy Discussion Area (similar to "Let's Talk About Pics"). As an example post, I'll be in Calgary, Canada for about 36 hours next week and will (hopefully) have a chance to walk around for about an hour or two. I was thinking a seperate area to ask questions about what to see, food recommendations downtown, questions about what I can/can't photograph, etc., etc. I know Jeff G. has asked similar questions about other locations.
  8. Many of us travel to different locations for different reasons. It would be great to have a separate area to discuss travel items such as: Requests for places to go/see when visiting a location Meetup requests to meet/greet other photographers residing in the area Answer general questions about the location etc., etc. Obviously this would appeal to some more than others but it would be a great way to network and interact with others at Alamy on a more personal level if the opportunity is there.
  9. Martin, I think it depends on your location and your area of coverage. I know the other place Paul is referring to...and my experience is exactly opposite. I suspect it's mostly because I'm in the U.S. and he is in Scotland. With relation to "newsworthy" images, I've had it go both ways. Many of my stock images have been used as news images a time later.
  10. That's a great idea John. This would also provide clients with an opportunity to use an image that is completely unique to them (sometimes an important feature in the advertising business) which generally brings higher fees associated with that scenario.
  11. This afternoon it's happening on keywords that begin with the letter 'S'. Grrrrrrr.....
  12. Nice - I had not heard of the update due out in December. I agree a jump into the X100T would be a joy to experience (it was when I jumped into the X100S). The XT-1 with Classic Chrome, and an updated auto focus area controller interface with the four buttons in the back will be very welcome.
  13. I've never seen one of these cars. It looks like it is very sad for some reason LOL.
  14. I have the X100S. I carry it around quite a bit and have quite a few images in my port form it. I'm not sure it's much of an upgrade. What I am more eager to see is a firmware update for Classic Chrome.
  15. Wow. I'm surprised by that. I must spend way too much time on my images LOL. This from the center of the pic. That really looks soft to me - especially the terraced complex on the left side..
  16. Geoff, Image 2 of the forest would most definitely fail due to soft and lacking definition. I wouldn't submit that image at all to Alamy. I would not submit Image 3 - Skyline of Vancouver to Alamy at all (OK, maybe after increasing contrast and downsizing). That image is begging the soft and lacking definition rejection IMO. The studio portrait has detail lacking in the eyes....at least compared to what I've shot. Even the image of the wild bird is soft - there is no sharpness at all in the eyes and it's a candidate for increasing contrast and downsizing. Personally, I would stay far away from those images for stock.
  17. Good luck Martin. I've had images with excess softness and chromatic aberration due to a poor sensor that I did not submit (from a 7D) because they were ridiculously awful. Also had the 7D lock up on me to where I had to remove the battery and reinstall it. That was my first experience with it - and it was during a rodeo I was shooting. I quickly sold it and purchased a 5D MK II and was happy. Then I went to 5D MK III bodies and I was a bit unimpressed with the upgrade from the 5D MK II but I've made due since. Unfortunately, when you are heavily invested in a system, it's tough to change things...but when my two 5D MK III bodies die, I may end up giving up Canon altogether if this is what they are producing.
  18. Canon released the sample images for the 7D MK II. I must be delusional or something because to my eye, they are all soft. The image at 6400 iso is completely unusable from our perspective. I wouldn't even dream of submitting that image to Alamy (and I have a lot of 6400 iso images here - including one shot at 25,600iso). Even taking a look at the studio portrait shot at 100 iso, I could see the image was in focus but the detail was simply lacking. http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/samples/eos7dmk2/ Are my expectations too high or is Canon going in reverse?
  19. You've taken some good images so far. Sales appear when they are reported to Alamy. Could be a week, could be a month, could be three months....or your images may not have been used. You can expect to get paid based on how the image was used. Web use is much less than if it hits the front page of a published paper. You can look for your images by going to Google and entering EXACTLY this phrase including the quotes: "SCW Lee/Alamy Live News"
  20. Chromatic Aberration Soft and lacking definition (to the left and up a little bit from the area with chromatic aberration) Aside from the comments on the lens, I would also check to make sure the firmware is up to date on your 7D. I bought one when they first came out and sold it 3 weeks later because I was frustrated with relation to the images I was getting out of the sensor. I know a few folks that use them today and don't have the same issues that I had - I think it relates to firmware updates that have been applied over the years. For what it's worth, I've heard the 18-55 lens with that camera is a great combination - I know of three photographers that have told me that.
  21. One image licensed for $60 gross. Three usages found not reported yet that should be in my October sales report (I hope) I FINALLY cleared the $75 hurdle (after sitting at $75 for three months) so I am happy I am getting a payout. Probably in the bottom 500
  22. I agree 100%. This threw me for a loop when I first noticed it. It is also on EVERY image in the collection, whether it was originally a stock photo, an archival photo, a live news photo, etc. I'm not sure what the point of it is.
  23. Interesting Geoff....my prior graphics card was an Nvidia. When I replaced it for this issue (which wasn't necessary) it was replaced with a newer Nvidia card - the mother board could not handle the latest and greatest card so I had to limit the purchase to the best that would work on my particular mother board. I only have an issue in Lightroom....and as mentioned, this past week I noticed it was only when adding keywords starting with a 'C'. Very bizzare.
  24. Thanks Callie. Oddly, I don't have this issue with it when using my Macbook Pro. Sounds like a bug in the software. Wish I knew what is triggering it.
  25. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue. When I keyword images in Lightroom, occasionally, the computer (Windows 7, 16gb RAM, Intel i7-2600 Processor, 3.40 Ghz) will flicker to a black screen, then reset itself. One time I had the entire computer lock up. I've been battling this for about 2 or 3 years - through various versions of Lightroom. It's even driven me to replace the video card thinking it was going out. That didn't resolve the issue. Note this ONLY happens when I'm keywording in Lightroom. Earlier this week, I've discovered that it only happens when I start to keyword with a word that starts with the letter 'C' I know it sounds funny but I am totally serious about this issue. It's driving me nuts. Anyone else ever experience this? Thanks.
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