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  1. Well, this is a little awkward.....I was a contributor to WoodyStock (Bildagentur Waldhäusl) and they stopped operations/went out of business at the end of April. I wonder if this is another case of an image "re-used" from the Daily Mail?
  2. I suspect it happened at the beginning of the month....just like clockwork
  3. I believe "latest images" refers to image upload date (latest images added to the Alamy database) not the "Date Taken" date. At least that's been my observation.
  4. The Daily Mail Online Edition http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2845668/SAS-quad-bike-squads-kill-8-jihadis-day-allies-prepare-wipe-map-Daring-raids-UK-Special-Forces-leave-200-enemy-dead-just-four-weeks.html?ito=social-facebook Andrew Oxley EAHJC6 Andrew Chittock - D5RKJ2 or D5TNXA (I can't tell because of similarities)
  5. Just a heads up that Adobe has released Lightroom version 5.7 - and "Classic Chrome" is available AND it works with the XT-1 files. This is VERY surprising because I haven't seen an update from Fuji for the camera itself. The other thing that is interesting is Classic Chrome is not available for use with X100S files within Lightroom I'm not sure if this was intended or if it was a glitch.
  6. I have a very nice upswing in sales, but I don't think that single element tells the whole story.... 1) I've added quite a few images in the past year. 2) I've noticed that the revenue per image licensed isn't as much as it was in past years (I am/was in novel use and I am in the UK newspaper scheme). I see the same trend at other places and I don't believe this is unique to Alamy.
  7. Congratulations! I passed the mark a couple of months ago...have had to stop over the past 2 or 3 weeks so I can spend the time catching up on copyright registrations LOL. My goal is 7,500 before the end of 2015. Not sure if I'll be able to make that, but I'm going to certainly try.
  8. Kumar, yes, that's exactly right. So images licensed to the Daily Mail (some do get zooms others don't) and images licensed to The Telegraph (haven't had images zoomed) are part of the newspaper scheme. Wim, that was a good post, but when I say "creative" I am not referring to Alamy's "creative" classification. I'm referring to images created with a slant more towards commercial advertising as opposed to images created with a slant toward news or even textbook sales. I would describe myself as an "editorial photographer" - that is, I don't like creating released images of business folks in meetings and I would rather create images of unreleased people and things. Funkyworm - my reference isn't to the new feed - news feed images are not relevent to the newspaper scheme. Alamy has stated this on multiple occasions. One thing you will also notice is that the big news agencies are also marking their images as "editorial use only" which Alamy advises us to do.....I don't do it for two reasons - the first being internal corporate commercial use and personal use are also allowable without releases and the second being that subdistribution may be affected. Though I have also wondered if this may have an affect on visibility/rank as well.
  9. Daily Mail (from 24 October) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2795883/World-s-haunted-hotels-prepare-scare-Halloween-guests.html Langham Hotel AY2B46 - Ace Stock Limited Queen Mary Bow AH3YFJ - Fresh Start Images Queen Mary Engine Room CFNMWH - Matthew Richardson Jerome Grand Hotel B3Y8DB - Jamie And Judy Wild / Danita Delimont, Agent Banff Springs Hotel A3W6GK - Mikael Svensson Stanley Hotel (exterior) BB4M2E - David Herbig / Danita Delimont Stanley Hotel (interior) C4EHRM - Ed Endicott Timberline Lodge (interior)A6YTD1 - Greg Vaughn Timberline Lodge (exterior) A8T90T - Robert Paulson
  10. If a person can recognize themselves in the image, then you need a release. I remember years ago another agency described a situation where a person wanted to bring suit to the agency (and photographer) because they thought it was an image of themselves on a golf course. Once some investigating took place, the person making the claim could not prove that they were in the same country at the same time despite looking like that person from a distance. Here's a link to Alamy's Summary (along with URL if you want to do some more looking)
  11. Wim, I agree....but it's the old "chicken or the egg" conundrum. less views(zooms) = less visibility less visibility = less sales less sales = lower rank
  12. We all obsess about our AlamyRank and how many views/zooms we get (some of us like myself check daily). Looking back through my licensed image history, it appears that the majority of the images I've licensed that were used in newspapers (or where the sales revenue amount is indicative of the newspaper scheme prices) were not recorded as a zoom. We know that not all of Alamy's customers have accounts that register as a zoom. We also know that sales improve rank greater than zooms.....but initially, do those who supply "creative images" (images created with a slant toward the commercial market - I am not referencing the "creative" Alamy category) over "editorial newsworthy" images (images more indicative of being used by a news outlet) at an AlamyRank disadvantage? ***note that Alamy Live News is not included in the newspaper scheme Thoughts?
  13. If there are people or parts of people in your image, then you enter how many people are in the image. If you don't have a model release, then you must license it as rights managed. To answer the next question (this comes up often on the forum), no you cannot license an image here on Alamy as rights managed and then at other places as royalty free (it's in your contract with Alamy that you are not permited to do this).
  14. Last two months I've licensed images taken on.... September 21, 2014 (fastest I've ever licensed an image) April 22, 2014 October 23, 2011 July 9, 2012 March 11, 2007 Oldest licensed image that has been licensed this year was taken on October 7, 2006
  15. Hmmm...it seems that I have 397 images of women I've described with a keyword of "sexy". Am I reading this correctly and thinking I should remove that keyword from those images? I wouldn't consider many of them as "adult" in nature....I used the term "sexy" as a synonym of the word "attractive". Alamy, would it be possible to share a list of these "certain words" in the contributor information section of the website? It would help us help you Thanks
  16. Hmmm...found one of mine in the Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth/11099465/Stressed-cats-need-their-own-space-and-a-gentle-tom.html
  17. Yes - and if you cancel before the one year term is over, you don't get a refund for those unused months
  18. That's good to know but on my Canon 5D MK III the result is <aux:ImageNumber>0</aux:ImageNumber> The software I have came from shutteractuations.com but I don't see the software available there anymore.
  19. Happy birthday Edo....while a nuclear stress test doesn't sound like fun, I'm certain you'll be glowing with cheer once it's over with. Have a terrific day!
  20. My thoughts (in the form of a little parable)..... I used to do a lot of fishing and I would religiously read the fishing reports come out every week in the newspaper. Then I came to realize that that's what people were catching the week prior. I changed my technique and decided to keep records of the best times to fish, the best bait and lures that I had confidence in, and the best places to concentrate my time. Eventually, I found a pattern that allowed me to be more successful. I read it in the blog and I read it again in the post....I'll keep fishing based on what I have confidence in - but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try different bait or lures every once in a while. I'm glad the folks that licensed those images have had success in the past.
  21. Lynn - those are great images. I would not have hesitated. Some recent images..... I ADDED motion blur to this image in Photoshop to make the bus look like it was going faster than it actually was (note it is marked "digitally altered") This was the view from my hotel room - not much going on in Calgary at night but I wanted the motion blur of the lights and traffic......
  22. Quiet this month so far - had 20 views reported yesterday 64 views reported today. That's the nature of the business though.
  23. Well, it looks like voting has officially closed. Congratulations to Graham Morely on winning the October challenge. It's time for you to choose the November topic and move forward with the November competition. Congratulations!
  24. The order of the keywords does matter. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/alamysearch-engine-explained.asp Also keep in mind that when changing keywords, it takes time for the server to update (usually overnight for me) before the search engine is updated.
  25. Yes, yes....I agree - and that's why I opted for narrowing things down the way I did. My thoughts were if someone took the time to add a greenie, then that same someone stopped and said "wow" at that image.
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