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  1. John - I am very new to using the iPhone for photos....but when you open the camera app that came with the phone, you can select a filter before capturing the image by tapping the icon of three circles on the bottom right and choose a filter to use. What you see on the phone screen is the filtered version in "live view" mode.
  2. Absolutely you do Paul....in the U.S. there was recently a very high profile court case about Getty and Agence France Press taking images from a photographer that tweeted images from Haiti a few years ago Daniel Morel uploaded the images to Twitpic - Getty and Agence France Press were involved http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/23/haitian-photographer-wins-major-u-s-copyright-victory/?_r=0
  3. When I upload news images from a major event (an event of national interest), I usually tweet a link to a gallery on my website (Photoshelter) with a quick caption. I have noticed a spike in traffic on the site when I do this but I've not licensed any images directly from my site (perhaps my prices are too high as compared to the prices of my agents). My philosophy, for what it's worth => If I am promoting my images through social media channels like Twitter, I want full price for those images and I want to be compensated for those marketing efforts. If Alamy is promoting my images, I will gladly pay Alamy their royalty commission to promote my images.
  4. I uploaded an image today to test the new functionality....I don't see a way to distinguish between news or not...and I don't see the way to set up IFTTT. I don't see the settings anywhere (I'll keep looking). With relation to using iPhones for reporting news - the news media has been doing this for at least the last 5 years. The strategy is the newspapers lay off their photographers and send out their journalists with an iPhone to illustrate the story. This is nothing new at all (and I have a couple of friends that have been laid off in Denver from The Denver Post with this strategy). Here's a link about the Chicago Sun Times doing this about a year and a half ago http://www.poynter.org/news/mediawire/214954/sun-times-will-train-reporters-on-iphone-photography-basics/ Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times (no pun intended).
  5. Thanks Pearl - I hadn't noticed that functionality before. Interesting.
  6. Wim, from the My Alamy Page - Click on 'Alamy Measures' Click on 'Your Images>' Select the date range (I usually select Friday through Sunday on Mondays, or 'Yesterday' on other days of the week) and click on the 'Go' button This will display the first screen shot above that tells you what has been searched that you were involved in and what was zoomed. Keep in mind it can be frustrating because, in the case of the search term 'Denver, Colorado' in my chart above, only one image was returned (the only image with those keywords in the 'Creative' tab despite having MANY images of Denver, Colorado in the collection). Here's the thing that I don't understand....you can't put that image into a lightbox with clicking on the image (zooming) after doing the search. The option to place into lightbox is underneath the image so how can putting an image into a lightbox not result in a zoom? .....this is similar to the question I mentioned in another thread a couple of weeks ago, I'm wondering if images classified under the 'Creative' tab are getting zooms recorded and editorial images are not? That was the basis for my post a couple of weeks ago. It feels like something is amiss - maybe it's a new "feature" or maybe it's just me?
  7. Curious if anyone else seems to be seeing a huge change in zooms? I'm wondering if there's a bug with the system given the changes going on behind the scenes? What really raised my eyebrow was a specific search by image number...and no zoom reported.... ...and my zooms have just absolutely tanked in an unusual manner last month and this month so far....
  8. The three big providers are Photoshelter, SmugMug, and Zenfolio. I have experience with Photoshelter and Zenfolio (about 2 years at each). I prefer Photoshelter because I can FTP to the website and FTP from the website - when FTP'ing from the website, you are using their servers for the process so you set an FTP job for about 50 images and shut your computer off. You'll receive an email when you are done. When I left Zenfolio, they did not have FTP functionality (I don't know if that's changed). I also like Photoshelter because you can incorporate fotoquote for RM stock sales. Zenfolio does not have that functionality. All three above allow you to download high resolution files from a locked gallery (you just need to provide them a login ID and Password). I believe all three have lightbox functionality.
  9. That would be a fine path to microstock, and with a lot of competition already. Choose your subjects more judiciously, add contemporary style, and you have a path to commercially successful stock. GI I have experience at multiple levels in microstock - from 2005 to 2011 (even having worked for two different agencies behind the scenes) they aren't too favorable about brand names as subjects
  10. ...and Edo....just like clock work....I can't make this stuff up. I was invited this afternoon to guess what....
  11. Edo - that's exactly why I decided to set up the small studio and shoot everything I buy over the winter...usually over a white background. I'm single - small 710 sq foot home. Little table top is in the front room. Here in Denver, we have many young women ready to shoot - they want that "bad ass" look, or they want "glamour" type subject photos (if I knew that back when I was in my 20's....). Just on Thursday I asked one of these young women if they were going to the Santa pub crawl on Saturday and the response was "Oh the naughty Santa crawl?" This is great for art prints but it doesn't sell as stock. It's the boring subjects that sell. I have licensed two images here of models at Alamy - one of a young woman in a little black dress, and a second of a male bodybuilder. Women, family, business - those are the images that are saturated on the micros. I'll let 40,000 other people compete with Yuri Arcurs on that topic....I'm not going to compete with that...I'm going to try to shoot what you can't find on the micros as much as I can. I try to keep track of things going on around town...I try to show up with camera. In the winter, when the sun drops at 4:15 and 4:30pm here, and the shadows are long, it's tougher to get a good image outside the studio. I mentioned Stockimo in my post above. I've only been submitting for a week - my Chrstmas Carolers were rejected. It's an interesting concept because it's a bit like a video game for photographers. You shoot an image with your phone, you edit the image on the phone, you upload it, you check your score based on how it's ranked if it isn't rejected. Those images then can get licensed...I'm very surprised at what has been accepted. I'm not surprised by the rejections (after viewing them on my home computer). I'm not sure what my point is, aside from there needs to be some fun about it....go out and have fun and take a camera (or a phone) with you and grab a few images while you're there. ...I'm off to lunch with some friends at a micro brewery. I'll have the iPhone and the Fuji XT-1 one with me. I'm sure I'll be able to drum up at least 10 images of something while I'm there.....beer? food? people? We'll see how it goes.
  12. Yes, subject counts - though it may be collection dependent..... Here are two from last week and I have one of carolers pending in the queue I have more shoes and groceries to shoot for the main collection later today ...images licensed the last few months.... Johnny Cash Museum (twice) A kitten isolated over white (twice) A row of rental bicycles A cup of yogurt over white A child being carried in a coffin during a festival (still alive of course)
  13. As I'm new to Stockimo - are sales reported via the feed on the app?
  14. Arthur Leipzig just passed - here's a New York Times article about it along with 15 images in a slide show....interesting work http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/06/nyregion/arthur-leipzig-a-photographer-inspired-by-everyday-life-in-new-york-dies-at-96.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&smid=fb-nytimes&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000&smtyp=aut&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT.mc_id&_r=0#
  15. Yes, that's where the original link was from (removed by Alamy). But when you attempt to FTP, there are three folders for news upload and there is no folder for stock upload. According to the instructions, I should be seeing a folder for: Stock Archive Stock Vectors Those folders are not there.
  16. Ed Endicott


    If you edit them on the computer, chances are you have Adobe Creative cloud. Transfer them to creative cloud, download them to the computer, manipulate them, upload them to an iPad or iPhone via creative cloud, and submit. It's really easier than it seems and I had the same opinion you have until I realized it really isn't that hard and I should have been doing it all along. You can do the same thing if you are using Adobe Lightroom through the Lightroom functionality - get the Lightroom app for your phone and use it to transfer images back and forth. I had an old Android phone until about a week ago. I needed to upgrade so I bought an iPhone week before last Wednesday. I've submitted at least one image per day via the app (all new images taken on the new phone) - I've submitted about 5 images today alone (all taken today). It's a great app and a great opportunity and the review time is a matter of hours. If you do a search in Alamy on the term "Stockimo" you'll find about 97,500 images online already - that seems to be pretty serious to me
  17. I tried to log in last evening (my time) to see if the standard stock folder is there. It is not there using the same credentials I use for live news. I don't think it's available to all of us that upload to live news yet.
  18. Betty, I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus last Wednesday. I previously had a Motorola Atrix. I am EXTREMELY impressed. The camera is incredible, the apps are so much better than for an Android system and I'm even getting reception in areas where I couldn't before. Have I mentioned I'm impressed? I signed up for Stockimo last April with my iPad so I could get in on the existing contributor deal but I hadn't uploaded any images. I'm having a blast with the Stockimo App. I've tried Snapseed and I've tried VSCO. Seems I prefer VSCO. The reason I went with a 6 Plus over a 6 was mostly because of greater battery life and more space to read in - my eyes are starting to tire with my age and the larger text is a relief compared to the old phone. I was told at the Apple store that the 6 Plus also has image stabilization but I have nothing to (reasonably) compare the camera to. I am impressed with the photos it takes.
  19. Honestly, as an American, I am very confused by your comments and response. The country was not founded on a right to 'freedom of speech' and I don't see Thanksgiving as a 'nationalistic' holiday at all. You see, a few pilgrims who wanted to exercise their right to freedom of religion came over on a boat called the Mayflower. They established themselves on the continent and, at the first Thanksgiving, they gave thanks for the prior year's harvest of food. Thanksgiving initially started as a harvest festival of sorts. Today, since the majority of Americans are no longer farmers celebrating a harvest, we celebrate it as a time to give thanks for what we have in terms of family, friends, successes, and failures. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't see the 'nationalistic' connection. The term 'nationalistic' implies a sense of arrogance toward other countries. If anything, this is a time of humbling, a time to reflect on what we have and to give thanks for it.
  20. 5 images licensed for a gross of $143.49 for me. 1 zoom for the entire month What a long strange month it has been.
  21. I shoot raw with my X100S. I have the latest version of Lightroom (creative cloud). No problems converting - it handles it just like any other raw file. I wouldn't expect to see any issue with Lightroom 4.4 as long as your updates are up to date. You certainly shouldn't have trouble with CS6.
  22. HDR for news photos has been argued to death.....in fact HDR use on World Press Photo winner photos has been argued to death. Whether or not you should use HDR on a news photo is a matter of opinion. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/may/14/gaza-funeral-photograph-world-press http://petapixel.com/2012/01/18/is-hdr-acceptable-in-photojournalism/ http://www.poynter.org/news/mediawire/159412/washington-post-raises-eyebrows-with-composite-photo-on-front-page/ It's Alamy's sandbox - they are the ones that make the decision about how we play in it.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving! New iPhone purchased yesterday....no Stockimo today (and I'm not much of a sweets person so no pie) but the turkey and the company of family was terrific.
  24. It's not my photo....I just thought it was strange that a WoodyStock image would be used despite their not being in business in over 7 months.
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