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  1. Chuck, I have a camera currently loaded with Ektar 100. I'm going to try that next. Portra seems to give a pink tinge that I don't like. Last weekend, I spent the day shooting a cathedral here in Denver. I used a Fuji X-Pro 1 for digital, and I used a roll of TMAX 400 pushed to 1600. I got the images from the Fuji accepted at Alamy (it has decent high ISO performance and I prefer it for that over my 5DIII) but in all honesty, I think the TMAX gave the better image quality. I know it's black and white, but I love the look and the contrast. I have 5 rolls of Velvia and 10 rolls of TriX in the fridge. I'm going to shoot them regardless of whether I can upload them...I just really enjoy shooting film for some reason and I'd love to upload them here instead or in addition to print to order places.
  2. I still love shooting with film. I've seen a few threads (very helpful) about cleaning up old archive slides and having submitted them a year or two ago, but I'm curious if anyone is still shooting and uploading film? Does grain matter and is it acceptable (Ilford HP5 or TRI X)? My local "Pro" camera store still offers the service of development (even push/pull processing) and flat bed scanning to 48mb TIFF files.
  3. Some contributors (like myself) were having issues logging in to the new forum. Alamy resolved the issue today for my account so there are probably a few contributors that would like to participate but haven't been able to. Second, I think it has to do with the season. I've always noticed on forums that in the winter, people have more time inside and tend to get cabin fever. In the summer, people are more active and outside.
  4. I agree with Paulette...as ridiculous as it sounds, the $146 balance in my account would help finance future shoots (and at the very least would help to pay for two month's worth of Creative Cloud fees).
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