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  1. Hopefully this doesn't "highlight" a competitor (and apologies in advance if it does) but this is a very big change - at least here in the U.S. I think it's important and very relevent to those of us in the stock industry - especially those of us who shoot editorial images. http://www.businessinsider.com/shutterstock-just-sealed-a-massive-deal-with-varietys-owners-2015-6 I am hoping that Alamy can also capitalize on those losing faith in abilities of competing agencies as well.
  2. This is not a lens or "clip on stuff". This is essentially a camera without a digital back. Your iPhone acts as the digital back. Think of the attachment as a Mamiya 645 and the iPhone as a Digital Back to that body (of course this is not medium format but I'm trying to display the idea). Aperture and shutter speed are controlled via software to the camera body. The image is stored on your phone. This isn't a piece of junk little magnet lens that fits over the lens of the iPhone.
  3. It intrigues me because it's smaller and should have good image quality based on the sensor advertised. I already carry a phone (iPhone) in my pocket every day. I could easily throw the attachment into another pocket and carry it around all day and not worry about it. I travel on business on occasion. I like to use a carry on so I can move quickly through the airport. I can remember trying a Fuji X100S on a trip to Sacramento, CA. It BARELY fit in my front pocket - it was a very uncomfortable fit. I can remember using a Fuji XT-1 on a trip to Calgary - it was small enough I could carry it in the carry on but it was big enough that it would catch the attention of folks while walking around shooting.
  4. I just ran across this. DxO has decided to create their own camera - it attaches to your iPhone. I am VERY impressed with this and I think I would really enjoy it paired with my iPhone 6 Plus. At $600, I think it's reasonable for something to carry around or even go backpacking with. http://www.dxo.com/us/dxo-one The question is - do images created with this camera belong in the main collection or should they be sent to Stockimo?
  5. I started in 2005. Came to Alamy, left Alamy, Came back to Alamy. I have never come close to $13,490 in earnings from stock images. Maybe it's what I shoot. Last Fall, I decided to concentrate on isolated objects so I started shooting my groceries. In February I decided it was no longer worth it so I sold all my gear, paid off a big tax bill in April and have been shutting down accounts at other agencies. I've decided to keep images up on Alamy just for the fun of it. I'll be picking up another camera soon just for hobby purposes and I'll submit every once in a while. One thing I've found though is that my images are actually starting to pick up some steam despite my not submitting. I guess that's the quirk of Alamy's search algorithm. My grandfather passed in March. I was left with a Yashica TLR. I plan on getting it cleaned lubricated and aligned and I'll be shooting film for a while just so I can get back to enjoying it. I don't see stock as a viable business venture.
  6. I've licensed three images this month so far and all three account for almost 50% of my revenue for this year. Despite scratching my head regarding the total license fee for a two page editorial spread (about half of what I would have expected - per Alamy, the contract terms were agreed to 5 years ago), June has been very good to me so far.
  7. Oh wow! Thanks! This is via Alamy (image is not represented anywhere else). Sale not reported yet.
  8. I am in the U.S. - our system (how our vendors charge us and allocate bandwidth) is a little bit different from my understanding. I have both an iPhone 6 that I can tether as well as a portable wifi hotspot. Here are my observations: The portable hotspot will upload images faster if speed is of the essence. It has to do with bandwidth - you're uploading while your phone is trying to check email, weather, stocks, etc., etc. that it normally does in the background. Both will work, the hotspot for me cost all of 1 cent with a two year commitment so I got it. The hotspot is its own "telephone number" so no reason to download the things that phones download when strictly logged into your computer. If you are in a remote location, especially one that has less than 4G it can be very, very slow. This is especially true if you are trying to FTP multiple images. Here in the U.S., we are allocated amounts of data to use on a monthly basis (this is becoming more liberal with time). Currently, I had to adjust my plan to allow 10gb per month in order to allow for image transfer. At minimum, I recommend 5gb per month. That will give you enough data usage to do a couple of editorial uploads from location per month. You may want to watch this closeley for the first few months you do this if it's a factor (I believe in your area it's not a factor but I'm not 100% sure). I currently have three devices (phone, ipad, and portable hot spot) associated with one plan.
  9. Doing unusually well so far. Last month and this month has shown MANY more zooms than usual - makes me suspect there was a change to the zoom recording mechanism.
  10. I sent an email and received the same form. I found it a bit insulting....I sent in a link to an address that used the Alamy image number as part of the URL and the image itself still has the Alamy watermark on it. Despite that, I'm still being asked to fill out a form prompting for excuses about how it can't be chased - i.e. "You are not exclusive so it's not our responsibility even if it does have our watermark on it". Seems to me Alamy is immediately assuming the benefit of the doubt against the photographer/image supplier. I'll worry about it over the weekend when I have more time.
  11. Well, seems to be a bust. Software updated but won't launch. I'll deal with it tomorrow when I have more time. Will wait to install on the Mac until I figure out what the issues are with the PC.
  12. It's out for Creative Cloud on the PC. Also new updates for Bridge and Photoshop (at least on the PC). I'm working on installing the updates now. Will check if there are updates for the Mac once the PC version is updated.
  13. Would love to hear your impressions Betty. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  14. Interesting comment....is it about the photographer or about the agent/representation behind the photographer? http://petapixel.com/2015/03/21/the-10-ikea-piece-an-interesting-social-experiment-on-the-value-of-art/ There is much to be said about the old adage of "f/8 and be there"
  15. I'm beginning to think the best way to survive in this business is to sell prints rather than stock. The catch is, it appears you must be dead before they are worth anything. eBay is advertising a "live" auction in conjunction with Sotheby's selling prints - including Adams, Bresson, and Frank... http://www.ebay.com/clt/collectibles-live-events/photographs-562422/?_trksid=p2050601.m1256&_trkparms=%26clkid%3D4873989163013695292 (p.s. I wouldn't think eBay is a direct competitor so I'm posting the link)
  16. Looks like the Gremlins have been at work overnight and it's been fixed. Thanks Alamy!
  17. I've had one of those emails as well. I assume it's more to do with the running monthly average CTR on the Pseudonym Summary screen. I've had a few zooms recently, two more dropped in this morning and it's pushed the average on that screen to 2.54. It'll go down again. As for the Average CTR counter that's an average of the individual averages of all your pseudonyms. If you only have one it should be exactly the same as the Total CTR. Looks like someone has set the calculation to zero decimal points - hence the rounding up or down - but left the display at two decimal points. That makes sense....so my average CTR should be the same as my Total CTR since I only have one pseudo. Hopefully it's just a display error.
  18. Admittedly, math isn't my best subject....but how can someone have a total CTR of .31 over a 12 month span and an "average" CTR of .00? Wouldn't the average in my case be the .31 divided by 12 months - or .03 in this case (rounded)? Somehow the numbers don't seem to add up.
  19. The simple response is "don't quit your day job" I've been chasing regular monthly revenue for years. Throwing up a bunch of images isn't necessarily going to give you better returns these days - the reason for it is there are 20,000+ other people doing the same thing. It all depends on the topic, the timeliness of the image, and what the buyer is looking for at that particular moment in time. If you can align all those three items together, you are guaranteed to have regular images licensed.
  20. First image of the year licensed at $250. Good price for the license these days. That means my first payout in 2015 will be (if the stars align as they should) in June or July....a daunting prospect from a business perspective.
  21. Had an image license pop up today which I thought was a good sale...but it has me wondering. According to the text on the sale, the terms of the sale were based on a contract that was signed in June 2008. I thought it was a bit strange that the contract is almost 7 years old (and 2008 was the height of the worldwide financial crisis). Given prices are part of the terms of the contract (and believe me, I am pleased with the price of this image license as compared to others), I'm just curious if anyone knows how often contracts get updated?
  22. I quite my subscription two or three years ago because I noticed they were sourcing images without paying for them (taking them from folks that were more interested in having their work published as opposed to being actually paid for it) and when they weren't paying for images, they were sourcing them from Veer for pennies. When I resigned my subscription I was very clear about why.
  23. Ran across this article....what a great story about contributors among us http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/picture-perfect-life-292326331.html
  24. Was it in a saltwater tank? If it was a saltwater tank, my first guess would a grouper.
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