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  1. Betty, the collection grows with every shooting opportunity. My monthly goal is to cover 4 newsworthy events per month and about once per quarter, I upload everything else (including model shoots) in one batch. I spend about 30 minutes every few days looking for what's going on around town and I record it on a calendar so I know what's coming up in the future. I've got events on a calendar currently going out to November. Everything from demonstrations to Pagan festivals to community events. I also have photoshoots scheduled in advance. I know of 9 events with shoot opportunities before next Sunday. I will not be covering all of them, but the opportunity has been identified and they are there if I would like to take advantage of it - it's all up to however ambitious I feel on the day of the event.
  2. LOL scroll up! I had two refunds this month...and that's all I had. My balance for the month was negative $200
  3. I am right there with you Martin. When I want to be discrete, I'm shooting with the Fuji cameras. When I'm working through a newsworthy event, sometimes the big guns are required. I went to a demonstration on Saturday. I got there early and sat in my truck while everyone was arriving. Then, I noticed someone taking my picture. I got out of the truck with two 5D MK III bodies and a 24-70 and 70-200. Nerves were calmed - they thought I was the police LOL. I will be selling my X-Pro1 very soon. I may do the same with the x100s but that will be a bit longer. I'm getting a lot of use from the XT-1 lately (close to 4,000 actuations since April which is quite a few given the different cameras I have).
  4. Not a good month at all. -2 images licensed (two refunds) ending the month with -$200 ...and for the third month in a row I'm still sitting on an uncleared balance of $75 (nothing cleared this month for me for some odd reason).
  5. You don't need to delete the image....if it's been licensed exclusively for a period of time, you can restrict the image worldwide until that period of time is over. This is what the "restrictions" tab is for when you are in Manage Images.
  6. Ohhhhh....just took another look at it and this is different than when I first looked at it in Lightroom 2 or 3 (can't remember). I will definitely need to set that up. Thanks DHill and Jason for the suggestion!
  7. I have and that's a very good suggestion, - but I don't always use Fuji Cameras and I don't always use Velvia with them (just most of the time). When I shoot with my Canon cameras, I usually use Landscape (though there are exceptions). I wouldn't put it past myself to try to import a Canon RAW file with a Fuji preset or vice versa. The more options there are the more opportunity I have to confuse myself
  8. I shoot in raw I import the images into Lightroom I set the color profile to Fuji Velvia I sync all the images I go through each image and touch up if anything needs touching up or cull it if it isn't up to my standards I caption and keyword the images I upload them to Alamy.
  9. For August - I went to watch a parade...my goal was to attempt to capture "Americana". The parade was two hours long but I think I met my goal.
  10. Brian, do you know how that system works? I have a couple of videos up on YouTube (shared by other agents I've submitted to) and I've never gotten a royalty from somoene viewing my video on YouTube. I've also had blogs in the past with advertising/affiliate links to Adorama as well as other resellers...and I never made any money to be able to even pay the web host for hosting fees (one of the reasons I no longer have a blog). How does one make money from that scheme? I keep seeing "hope" and various other similar terms passed around but (without trying to sound too sarcastic) I also "hope" one day I'll be able to win the lottery. Hope doesn't exactly pay my bills. Warren Buffett has stated he doesn't invest in tech stocks because he doesn't understand how they make money and he doesn't see anything "tangible" being sold....I'm aligning with relation to that opinion for this type of scheme mostly because I don't understand it. If the industry is moving toward this type of thing, I am seeking answers with relation to how photographers can profit from it. ...and honestly I still don't understand how Trey Ratcliff makes money from his "Stuck in Customs" brand as he encourages people to download and share his images for free (another brand I don't understand about this industry)
  11. It's nice to see the excitement about the demand for images. http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/27/giving-away-photos-to-make-a-profit/?_php=true&_type=blogs&smid=tw-share&_r=0 ...but even he explains all they're getting out of it is views. How does a photographer pay for a home or food with just views?
  12. Just found one of mine used locally by the Auto Club (AAA) http://www.colorado.aaa.com/online-feature-the-woodstock-of-beer/ That's nice to see that it was used locally - and it wasn't even zoomed. Very nice surprise.
  13. In order to do that, you would need to change the workflow of every Live News contributor. That's not reasonable. My keywording is done before the image is removed from the initial Live News platform in that buyers are still searching for images of recent events whether they are on the news feed or not (you have breaking news outlets, you have weekly news outlets - your images need to be in the search immediately). Personally, I'm on to the next thing. There isn't a contributing press agency out there (Zuma, ITAR-TASS, MCT, etc.) that does that. In fact half the time, those images don't even carry relevent keywords. The solution would be for Alamy to change crediting of images automatically in the background in a different field but that would take some development work.
  14. Author names have been taken out of general search and are searched through advanced search only. As H_J says above, for the image to be returned as you describe, you must also have "Elizabeth" in your keywords somewhere. Cheers Alamy That response is a little misleading. For normal stock images, yes the author name has been removed. The problem is for images submitted via Alamy Live News, where the contributor has not removed the credit line in the caption, the credit line is still searchable. Do a search on my name - you will see 681 results (as of today). If you want a bigger example, do a search on 'Zuma Press' ....426,000+ results relating to the contributor name. I too have mentioned this in past as well.
  15. I use 16gb cards (Canon and Fuji Cameras so I have both SD and CF cards). I download from card to computer as soon as I am done shooting. Edit on computer and once done editing, I transfer the images to an external drive (RAID 6 enabled) - I have one of these http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/980497-REG/synology_synology_ds1513_diskstation_5_bay.html I am allowed two simultaneous hard drive failures before I have an issue. I upload the jpg version of my marketable images to the Photoshelter website just as Ann. I reformat my card after every shoot in camera when I'm done downloading to computer. Knock/touch wood, I've not had a card failure in many years.
  16. blank date is probably attributable to film scans. If I were you, I would include the date - correct it if you can. Dates help buyers sort through images when they are looking for either recent or archival images.
  17. I've been stuck at $75 for two months.....going on three if something doesn't happen soon I've also noticed that sales reporting tends to "true up" or "get caught up" in the last week of the month and I hadn't noticed that before. It could be part of system/interface changes with customers and partners.
  18. Here's the camera remote app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fujifilm-camera-remote/id793063045?mt=8 Here's the photo receiver app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fujifilm-camera-application/id544614669?mt=8
  19. You have an XT-1. You don't need anything other than the Fuji App to download photos. No need to remove the card from the camera. In fact, the application also works with your Macbook Pro (check the App Store). See the WiFi section of your owner's manual. You can also control the camera with a second app from Fuji (select aperture, shutter speed, etc., etc) if you decide to set it on a tripod (no need for a release cable).
  20. Ann, I use a credit union for my business banking and I had this discussion with them about a year ago - they suggested I would have to bank through Bank of America or Wells Fargo or a larger U.S. Bank that has a clearing house (John's suggestion of intermediary bank) if I needed an IBAN number. The reason Alamy doesn't require it is because they use a U.S. based checking account so the fund transfer is from U.S. bank to U.S. bank in our instance.
  21. Sounds like you may need to get the shutter replaced.
  22. Jill, first and foremost, I would be sure that you re-read your contract with Alamy. There are a couple of provisions you should pay close attention to prior to making the decision. A couple that pop up.... Be sure your contributors understand Alamy's contract (and your contract with them)..... second, be sure to get a contract from each person prior to submitting their images. Remember that under Section 1.4 of your contract with Alamy you must have their permission to submit their images to Alamy....
  23. I'm willing to bet the breach follows the following protocols... 30% of the passwords discovered are "password" 30% of the passwords discovered are "password1" 30% of the passwords discovered are "Password1" 5% of the paswords discovered are "ABC123" ...and the rest they just got lucky at. Ed, I've had my "debit" card number hacked twice - both times via an internet purchase at a bike shop in Milwaukee. Both times I was OK with the result. It doesn't depend on the type of card, it depends on how you use it. If you use your debit card as a credit card you are usually fine. If you use your debit card (with PIN #) on the purchase, then you have a harder time mostly because the money is cleared from your bank in a different manner (and removed from your account immediately).
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