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  1. One image licensed for a nominal amount so far and one image discovered as licensed from Alamy but not reported yet. Zooms are up but I'm more concerned about licensed images.
  2. I recently sold my Leica MP film camera and two Summicron lenses (a 35 and a 50). Given the choice above, if funds allowed, I would pick up a Leica M-P and two lenses (a 35 and a 50 both 6-Bit coded). I would also consider the M9P or the M-E for bodies. My choice would not be driven by the price or the fact that it is a Leica.....my choice would be based on low light performance and portability. My budget would probably allow for two Summicrons again but I would not have a problem owning something faster that I could stop down in low light. The advantage of the Sony is lens selection and auto focus....but my personal crux revolves around low available light.
  3. Julie, I think we are agreeing When I shoot news, my workflow is shoot RAW and import into Lightroom. Thanks to others in this forum, I've learned that you can set default import settings in Lightroom so in my instance, the Velvia setting is applied during the import (adding no extra time to my workflow), then I cull and crop as needed, add captions and keywords, and upload. If I want to later go back and change a preset, I can do that as I described above. Given the (hopefully) new option, I would change that automatic setting from Velvia to Classic Chrome. I don't like the other presets for news (Provia and Astia are too "soft" for what I like).
  4. Ed, if you shoot in RAW, import into Lightroom, then you change the camera preset (as I described above - I posted around the same time you did). If you want to change pre-set you just select a different pre-set. If you want to work with the pure RAW file, then you just select Adobe Standard (which is the default on import). There is turning back! You can change your mind no problem. If Fuji releases Classic Chrome as a firmware update, then Lightroom will more than likely be updated to reflect the camera settings in a subsequent release.
  5. No - these settings are similar to the Canon/Nikon Landscape, Portrait, Neutral, etc. With Fuji, when you shoot in the camera, you can actually take the RAW file and apply the setting and create a new jpg IN THE CAMERA. Incorrect.. the RAW is just that - and remains RAW... the preview JPG stored in the RAW matches the preset and if you bring the file into CR or LR then the software picks up on the preset and applies it but if you look at the RAW in an application that shows the basic file (such as Photomechanic), no preset is applied... Julie - I'm not referring to the "preview JPG". I am referring to applying a picture setting to a RAW file in the camera itself, and then the camera creating a separate JPG file. When you download images from the camera, two files are downloaded. You can review pages 63 and 64 of the Fuji X100S manual for more details. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/manuals/pdf/index/x/fujifilm_x100s_manual_en.pdf I was also referring to the presets in Lightroom that Adobe has worked (alongside camera manufacturers) so you can apply settings to a RAW file that mimic the film simulation modes available within the camera. This feature is available in the Develop tab of Lightroom down in the Camera Calibration section. The options are specific to the camera you created the image in.
  6. No - these settings are similar to the Canon/Nikon Landscape, Portrait, Neutral, etc. With Fuji, when you shoot in the camera, you can actually take the RAW file and apply the setting and create a new jpg IN THE CAMERA. Geoff - this is not the same as Alien Skin or other pre-sets for Lightroom/Photoshop. This is in-camera processing. If you don't apply changes in the camera, you can apply the camera setting in Lightroom (at least currently, for what's available in the XT-1 and X100s just as you can apply landscape or portrait for Canon/Nikon files). Alien Skin, Perfect Effects, Nik Collection, etc. doesn't come close to what Fuji has been developing. You can read David Hobby's post on PetaPixel where he touches on the development process Fuji goes through for the camera film settings http://petapixel.com/2014/09/10/classic-chrome-film-simulation-sleeper-feature-new-x100t/ Having both the XT1 and the X100S I can say clearly the files from each camera have a different "look". I'm hoping the chrome setting will come out with a firmware update but I'm not sure if it will only be available with the X30 or the X100T. There will be a slight difference in look and feel but I like the color rendition. Here is a link to sample images from the X100T with various settings. I really like the Classic Chrome look http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x100t/sample_images/ I'm just curious if anyone here has actually played with it. 99% of the images I pull from the Fuji's are set to Velvia. I would easily switch to Classic Chrome if it were available.
  7. I second the extension tubes - they are very inexpensive. I have the 100 Macro standard lens and it's a good lens - you can pick them up used, in like new condition for about $325 or $350. Many people will tell you this is also an excellent lens for portraits - while the focal length is excellent, I find the focus too slow and I find it focus hunts for that purpose. I would also recommend the MP-E 65mm Macro (especially if you are doing insects) or if budget is not a concern, the 90mm tilt shift (though there is a learning curve) - both of these lenses are manual focus. Here are links to reviews... http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-MP-E-65mm-1-5x-Macro-Lens-Review.aspx http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-TS-E-90mm-f-2.8-Tilt-Shift-Lens-Review.aspx
  8. The two color films I absolutely loved were Velvia and Kodachrome. I've read that the Fuji chrome setting on the X100T is supposed to mimick Kodachrome. I also just read that this has already been available on the X30. Curious if anyone has used this camera setting? I am EXTREMELY curious (and would love to have it on my XT-1 and X100s).
  9. There you go! What did I tell you! Go out and photograph the hospital, the media frenzy, and if you can get pics of him....by all means photograph Rob Ford! (and if you can get Mike Tyson in the image, that's just gravy) http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/toronto-mayor-rob-ford-hospitalized-suspected-tumor-n200581
  10. Best advice anyone can give is get out and shoot a diverse subject matter, upload those images, keyword them appropriately. Repeat.
  11. LOL....I was just sitting here thinking that it wasn't too long ago when we could go to the department store and spend $15 on a handset and we paid about $15 per month for telephone service. I miss the old days! (and yes, I have a $140/month telephone plan just between cell service and mobile hotspot).
  12. So taking a look at the Apple store - an iPhone 6 without a contract is $650. If you buy it through a carrier - as an example AT&T under their "next" purchase plan, you are wrangled into a two year contract AND you're required to pay $27.05 per month (which ends up being $649.20). I can buy a nice laptop with greater functionality for the same price and not have that ball and chain locked to my ankle. My interest has been lost.
  13. That $99 must be with contract. It's still $570 to buy outright on Amazon for the 16gb phone http://www.amazon.com/Apple-iPhone-5s-16GB-Space/dp/B00F3J1RDW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410293975&sr=8-1&keywords=att+iphone+5S
  14. I've been without a contract for over a year. After I had a phone break, I learned that buying a phone outright is SOOOOO much better. I had been looking at the 5S but at $640 it didn't make sense - the phone I have now is a Motorola Atrix I bought new 2 years ago for $100 from Amazon. I am seeing prices starting at $299 for the iPhone 6 - if that's the price without a plan I will definitely take advantage of it. If that includes a contract, I'll skip it. I can't see paying for a phone that costs about the same amount as a laptop - that just seems ridiculous to me.
  15. Depends on the weather and the season Seriously, I am a mile high to start with in Denver so the conditions are different than what most folks do. In the summer, the sun is high and bright so lowest ISO I can get away with during mid-day. In the morning and evening, I pay attention to my shutter speed and adjust accordingly. If I walk out of the house at 9am and the light meter in the camera says a shutter speed of 1/100 or less, generally, I will bump up ISO or I will open up the aperture to get a faster shutter speed. I've gotten usable images at 1/30 and even 1/15 with my 70-200 but that's the exception to the rule. In the Winter, shadows are long. I generally start out at 400iso and pay attention to shutter speed. I like to shoot around f/8 as that's the optimal setting for my Canon gear and lenses - I also adjust for depth of field as necessary. The Fujis are a little different and I can get away with a larger aperture. I rarely shoot at an aperture smaller than f/11 I guess it just really depends on the weather, the time of year, and what the topic is.
  16. I've had U.S. news images that I've taken run in the UK.....both in print and on the web. It all depends on what's happening and what's trending on the news websites. I don't know why Canadian news would be any different. I try to focus on stuff of national/international interest and if nothing like that is happening, then I look for ordinary daily life things that us crazy American do (festivals, etc.). Stuff of international interest from Canada.... Justin Bieber Oil Sands Fracking Immigration Rob Ford
  17. If the news desk doesn't feel your images are newsworthy enough, they will remove them from the feed and then go through the regular QC process.
  18. If your images are on the feed, then they have passed QC. You should have received a notification that this happened. I uploaded some news images yesterday - I got my notification at 11pm Mountain Time. You just need to keyword fill out all the fields appropriately so they become a part of the main collection in 3 days (if you submitted on Saturday then probably Tuesday).
  19. Conde Naste Traveller - Andrew James http://www.cntraveller.in/slideshow/story/13446 Oops - just noticed this may a be duplicate of what was reported above.
  20. Try this link Jill https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&authuser=0&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1920&bih=920&q=%22Jill+Morgan%2FAlamy%22&oq=%22Jill+Morgan%2FAlamy%22&gs_l=img.3...21192.22427.1.22834.
  21. Are you sure about that? When I do a search on "Ed Endicott/Alamy" I see plenty of my images on Google.
  22. Looks like the Phillipine government is looking at banning the capture of candid photos of people - this includes images of other people in the background http://petapixel.com/2014/09/03/the-philippines-is-looking-to-implement-an-anti-selfie-law/
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