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  1. The only information I can see is: Royalty-free 5 MBimage size: 1068 x 1602 pixelsDuration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover.
  2. clock face engulfed in flames, burning time concept
  3. Yes I was surprised what they carried from the church as the two don't normally go hand in hand
  4. St Keverne Church and Rule & Son Shop, 1898 Cornwall
  5. I joined in May this year and have 3 stars, so guess i must be doing something right
  6. You can set your sights as high as you like, however if you are not alive it becomes irrelevant
  7. I woke again up this morning, cant get much better than being alive
  8. I'm sorry to read your life has been thrown against the rocks and home you find calmer seas, here's my three entries Homeless women with bruised eye, wearing a blue mask sitting on the floor with legs crossed begging for change Fractured time number eight recurring Broken drum discarded on the grass verge
  9. Martyn, you could always send the pic to David Attenborough he'd get the identification spot on for sure , failing that I guess its a fledgling thrush
  10. Its difficult to tell from the picture but the mistle thrush is slightly larger and has slightly greyer plumage and pale spots on its belly, where as the song thrush has streaks
  11. Thank you NYCat and Cal for your relies, that's a load off my mine lol
  12. Hi alan, Yes my test images were approved in July, I was referring to having my first forum post approved. (my introduction)
  13. Hi and welcome im also new but still awaiting my introduction to be approved.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently joined Alamy and passed the QC, so now I'm busy adding images. I must admit I find it hard to put enough relevant keywords in to get the discover ability to turn green, I'm hoping I will improve with practice. Best wishes Sue
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