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  1. yes but there is no way to check which image particularly was zoomed, right?
  2. Hi Paulette, Is there actually a way to check what has been zoomed? That would be very useful but not sure how to do it
  3. My reaonsing is simple. 0.25 as a first sale would be very discouraging. On Alamy it is common that you have to wait for this first one some time while on other stock agencies it is common that first sales come straight away. I would like to think about Alamy differently and from my short experience with different stock agencies I (6 moths on 4 different ones) I am aware Alamy is different - slow yet worth it. The experience would be different if 0.25, then I would rather think - slow and not worth my time. After all from all 4 agencies after 6 months the amount of $ I've gained is very simila
  4. If I had a sale here for 0.25 cents I would dropped Alamy immediately. I was encouraged by others on this forum to upload with a good key-wording and not expect sales in the first year. On this forum I often see 'Alamy is different than micro stock' and 25 cents would be a prove that it is not. Luckily my first sales here started well, good few mid sales $$ Fingers crossed for encouraging sales for every new starter here
  5. You may disagree, I just advised to be patient as this is what I was told to be be other members here. And they were right. Patience pays. 3 sales now within a month.
  6. Hi, 0.54 CTR is quite low in my opinion. I guess it just takes time for images to appear in searching engines like google. Mine started to appear but I have only 0.6 CTR and no sales (probably due to amount of images). Just continue to upload like me and be patient. Best, P
  7. Love Martin Parr! His wok is insanely good! And I had a chance to meet him in person. Fantastic guy
  8. I think I want to be able to cover both - street and news. Basically I don't have experience in this category at all. Maybe that is why I think I think to have all the range - from wide one to tele
  9. Thanks, I see you do a lot of street reportage. Nice. I guess you submit them all as an editorial? Are these images selling?
  10. Thanks Allan, I got quite good 24-70mm and 50mm already however I feel that I would need tele to make the reportage more complex. Some of the subjects can be quite far etc. 'This could lead to the photographer being attacked' I don't think people in London are that aggressive, At least I've never accounted that 😉
  11. Hi, I am thinking to become more diverse in my photography. I have many years of experience of studio stills and fashion photography. I find myself well in landscape and architecture photography but I have never done any reportage or a street photography. Always thought it's not too creative. With years started to be fascinated with Magnum photographers to the level that I want to try it. I live in Greater London and it is an ideal base to do a reportage (in this city there is always something going on). Thinking to buy tele lens for my Nikon. For a start
  12. I think she meant the views of this topic and no comments.. but it was yesterday
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