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  1. Hello Mark, - a couple of hours after your post, the Image Manager opened it's door - so I think I'm now up and running. Thank you again! Peter
  2. Hello Alamy Friends, I'm a new member. My initial 3 test images have just been accepted (according to an email received 36 hrs ago). The email invites me to annotate them in the image manager. However, they still appear to be in QC and I can neither annotate them nor send any further images. Am I missing something or is this delay normal? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you. Peter Lawson
  3. Please help! I'm a new contributor and I'm trying to upload my 3 'test' images. However, after I log in I'm taken from Step 1 of the process directly to Step 3 and told that I've already sent the images - which I haven't! How do I get to Step 2 ??!! Thank you! Peter L.
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