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  1. I do a lot of research and this thread is part of it. Thank you for the time you took to respond.
  2. Hi, Chuck. My confusion in shooting stock for events comes from my short time at SS. With them, I shot three events and SS required media credentials. So I e-mailed the pr people, received permission to shoot for SS, sent a copy of their e-mail to SS and all was good. I’m curious about the photos you have on Alamy when you were shooting events, I wonder who you were shooting for and how you have the rights to put them on Alamy. I’m asking because I have tons of photos from conventions, red carpets and events, but my press credentials always bore the name of the magazine or web site
  3. I said I wanted to submit them as editorial, not commercial.
  4. I said I was submitting them as editorial, not commercial.
  5. I’m confused. I have requested and received credentials for events for the sole purpose of shooting photos for stock. In the past, I have stood side by side with a long line of photographers on red carpets in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was usually there as a writer and photographer, but there were plenty of others who were solely shooting photos for stock agencies. In this case, I have photos from two events that were taken specifically for stock. I applied and received credentials for that reason. Of course they would be marked editorial. I wouldn’t attempt to sell them for commercial pur
  6. If I have media credentials to shoot stock photography of an event, does that mean I can check the boxes yes for model release and property release?
  7. I’m so happy to hear from all of you and to gain insight into what you do. Thanks heaps.
  8. Since, I’m new to Alamy, I’m still finding my personal comfort level when shooting in public. Right now I’m in my attic shooting closeups of sea shells. No rights issues there. I’m in the free zone.
  9. I guess I imagine the boat owner seeing the image in my portfolio and not being happy. However, in your two examples—a boating magazine or on a banknote—they would probably be thrilled and show it to all their friends. Since I haven’t sold any photos yet and am aware that there are people who have never sold photos, to me, it seems more likely they would see the pic of their boat in my portfolio.
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