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  1. Let's say not much. But the aftertaste of 'English honesty' is present. Sberbank was transferred to the ruble account, on the way someone bit off $ 10. Opened a foreign currency account in another bank. Haven't come at all until now. Although I asked to make a transaction $ 1 to check the details. Everything from a wall of peas. Razdolbai, as elsewhere. In one word. How would everyone not die there, from a panda ?! I wish you health.
  2. When you, everyone, will not receive money for the works sold, I will also have to smile and say 'Barat'. How I should behave in relation to YOU, write here.
  3. This topic is intended for accounting, who can read it and pay attention. Until I receive the details of sending my transfer from Alami, my bank will not be able to trace the transaction. So far, no one has responded to my case!
  4. Representatives, employees of Alami's accounting department. Look at this topic and deal with my question. Tell me why on 17 .07 I am still waiting for my transfer of money to a new requisite. I offered you in a letter to attach 10 cents, you remained silent in February. Why are you silent now?
  5. Everything is transparent in Russia. Can bite off from $ 50, $ 5 at departure, but you can store in foreign currency. I also use RyRall, but there is a predatory currency exchange rate.
  6. This is a simple answer ... the accounting should work, I have a question about charging and sending, and not about the state of my account on the site. Did they all die in England?
  7. I changed my account a few months ago, I'm thinking about it myself ... but the money did not come to the account, ruble savings bank, that's for sure.
  8. YES. How I felt. I asked to check by payment, my new bank details from May 28, several letters. The answer is silence. And now 3 letters from July 10th that the money did not come to the new bank account. Silence again. Hello. Does anyone from the administration hear and read me?
  9. Since July 10th I have been writing to e-mail and there is no answer.
  10. Good afternoon. Accounting sent me the money at the beginning of the month. To a new bank account with a new bank. Money still hasn't arrived. Can a technician see what's wrong? Thank. mutabor@ninodom.ru Vladimir Zaytsev
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