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  1. Thank you Mark. This is really what the question came down to for me. I also really appreciate everyone's insights on the people/property/release questions. I thought I had that part correct, but getting confirmation is a great relief. Explicitly knowing that I don't need to mark "editorial" in addition to disclosing my lack of release forms is the biggest deal. Thanks everyone for your insights and suggestions. I'm excited to get started!
  2. I understand that I need permission to sell any images that include people. I also have read that I need permission from the owner of a building to sell a photo with a building in it. However, as I did further reading online (not just Alamy), it seems like there are exceptions. For example, if the people are small and unidentifiable I read that permission is not needed and elsewhere it argued I still did. More immediately, I'm uploading photos of old buildings from a recent trip. Some places indicate that only certain buildings are under copyright, so I should be fine selling these as is. On t
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