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  1. Do you recommend having this on or off? Any downsides?
  2. This is true if you're talking about maximizing revenue for a given sale, but I also feel like that doesn't matter if no one sees your work at all? Just like it's a numbers game with how much you upload, isn't that also true for uploading in different places?
  3. I think everything you've said about research more is definitely good advice; focus more on making the tagging more quality and accurate As for the last point, is that to not undercut the Alamy content? If i had to choose between one of them, I would go microstock over alamy probably as I am much less confident I will make a sale here, in which case would there be any harm in having it on both?
  4. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/qfsw I'm a new photography who just started out a few months ago, so my portfolio is currently very small and will keep growing as I take more pictures Would you say I'm doing anything wrong or just keep going as I am? Wildlife and nature is what I love taking pictures of Thanks!
  5. I uploaded my test images and realised they were missing EXIF data which I have now fixed, how can I delete and resubmit my test photos so that I don't waste everyone's time with images that will 100% fail QC just for me to re upload them? Thanks!
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