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  1. This is interesting. https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/2018/02/06/do-alamy-buyers-search-elsewhere-answers-from-alamy/
  2. Of course. That's true. But,.in general, you are not competing only with yourself. Unless your image is of an extremely specific subject (and then its market will be limited) you will be competing with thousands of images that might not be the same as yours but similar enough to be useful to illustrate the same concept.
  3. Yes, I joined 11 years ago but I don't know why I never uploaded to Alamy until June 2020. Right after that other agency lowered their commissions.
  4. Because I thought it was worth trying. Without uploading some of my files to Alamy I have no way of knowing if it works (for me) or not. There's an independent forum at Microstockgroup.com that's not affiliated to any agency. There's an annual poll there where people vote for the agencies that make.them.more money. Go and have a look. I was not the one who referred first to that other agency. My point is that if we were.going to talk about them we should make a fair comparison. Not all sales there are for 0.10 and so far I (can't speak for.others) feel it's a lot mo
  5. Not at all. I don't approve the way they make business although saying you are selling 100 images for $10 is an oversimplification of their system. In that other agency I've sold images for $$$ and also images for 0.10. But...despite the fact that that other agency is obviously taking advantage of their contributors it is also a fact that in that other agency I (and I suspect most people that sell here and there) sell several hundred times more images than I sell here. That leads to making in a day there what I make in several months here. But that's not the point. The
  6. That's the point. Alamy has to compete in the same market so it will eventually have to offer similar prices and similar commissions to microstock. And there are a gazillion sites offering images for free (free as in zero cost). Those are our real problem.
  7. The race to the bottom started everywhere since a lot of sites started offering quality images for free. It's the culture of "working for exposure" instead of working for money. Besides now, with modern cameras, it's obviously easier to take an acceptable "good enough for stock" image. Image banks grow exponentially and demand can not grow at the same rate.
  8. Yes...but that certain agency agency sells dozens of times more images than Alamy. At least in my case. And that certai angency also sells "On Demand" and " Single" images for prices similar to the "better" prices in Alamy I'm not saying that agency is great, it's not. But Alamy is getting so close to Microstock than they are practically indistinguishable. And Microstock sells way more. It's a race to the bottom
  9. Hi Marianne Thanks so much for your help. I've had 35 sales.since I started uploading in June and 6870 views. My CTR right now is 0.51. I started in June so I didn't had 3K images all this time. Since I made the original post I've had three more sales but at really low prices considering the small number of sales. I mean...at other agencies the average income.per sale is lower than here but the number of sales compensates that by a wide margin. Again...thanks for your interest and tour really informative answer.
  10. Thanks for your help Maria. Are you sure about the need to include plurals? The search engine should not need that. Someone also mentioned the search engine differentiates between upper and lowercase keywords. It shouldn't do that either.
  11. Thanks Chuck. I really appreciate your point of view. However I still don't like the idea of being exclusive at any agency. I respect your experience but I've been doing this for 12 years and so far I've had great results. I don't know why but at the beginning I never uploaded to Alamy . In the few months since I began uploading here my income here is less than 1% than what I've made elsewhere. I can't be exclusive at Alamy with those numbers. I like Alamy's business model but the competition is fierce and.no agency (in my opinion) is safe. I prefer to have
  12. But that's not stock photography. That's a tutorial for real state photography I was there with my family. I had the opportunity and I did it . Look, I'm not saying I'm a great, not even a good stock photographer. That's not the point. I'm just saying that the market is already saturated unless you find a very specific niche with a very small market. And I'm also saying that this industry is falling apart because of competition, the massification of digital photography, websites giving away free images etc. All that implies that agencies will continue cutting costs and our comm
  13. Could you give me a couple of examples of staged but unique photos? When I say every subject is saturated I obviously mean the concepts. Of course you can use models and take a photo of , for example, people getting a massage on a tropical beach (random example). Your models will be unique, their poses will be unique but the concept , which is what matters to the buyer, will be done a hundred times. It doesn't have to be done "exactly the same" The case with "smart clothing" or the Nicaraguan sign language is different. That's indeed a niche although a very specific one with a ve
  14. I. agree. But now every subject is saturatedd, even dining POV. . The other issue is that for photos involving models I prefer to do it with proper lighting and time. And you don't have any of that when you are travelling with your family.. I was testing the waters at Alamy and trying not to complicate myself with model releases at first. I.will upload my photos with models. Thank you all for your help
  15. DT (Dreamstime) is not a top tier agency. In fact I really doubt it will survive much longer. I only have at Alamy about a third of the images I have at DT. But my sales (number of sales AND monetary value) at DT are higher than at Alamy. Even when I my sales at DT are insignificant and I only keep my portfolio there because the work is done already. I have never submitted to Getty. I have an account at IStock which I think is part of Getty but their submission process is complicated and tedious so I only have a couple of images with them. I don't think putting all you
  16. Exactly. My CTR (which I understand is a zooms to views ratio) is not bad which means my photos or keywords are not that bad. People are finding my images. What is bad is my sales to zooms ratio. Why are people zooming and not buying? Of course, it could be because those images are for sale at other agencies. I don't know. I don't think is a good idea to be exclusive to any agency.
  17. Thank you all for your help. I'll keep trying. I've been in this business since 2008. I just had never considered uploading to Alamy. While it is true you can buy all my images on other sites, probably cheaper I don't think in this business you are competing with yourself. Maybe in 2008...but today for every subject you can imagine there are thousands of photos from hundreds of authors. So you will almost always find a cheaper option (unless you want to buy images of a very specific event or photos depicting current news) I understand Alamy is different than
  18. Hi In June I started uploading part of my portfolio to Alamy . I signed up many years ago but for some reason never had uploaded anything So far with more than 3000 photos I've had 31 zooms and a CTR of 0.54. But only 3 sales and all of them of the same topic (editorial portraits of people in Cuba). This sales amount to a net income of $30. So I guess I'm doing something wrong because there's no logic in spending the time to upload and tag 3000 photos if sales are so rare. I'd really appreciate your advice
  19. Thanks! I'll keep uploading. I wasn't aware that Alamy does not report all sales immediately.
  20. Hi I've been contributing to Stock Agencies since 2008. Back then I made an account at Alamy but I don't know why I never uploaded images here. Fast forward to 2020 .In July I decided to try Alamy and uploaded some 1500 photos (all RF since they are already for sale at other sites). So far I have a healthy CTR of 0.75 but absolutely no sales. Is it normal? Is it worth it to.continue uploading? I know Alamy has fewer sales than other sites but with a much better commission but still... My portfolio https://www.alamy.com/search/imagere
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