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  1. Hello to everyone. 10 days have passed but I still haven't received my payment
  2. Very nice gallery, congratulations. Good luck
  3. People can make mistakes, it's not my fault. You just arrived and such error happens. What would you do ? I'm trying to look for my right. One day 145 next day 87. Please don't be angry with me. I contacted alamy so the payment might have been a mess. But I guess they didn't even answer me because of the pandemic. I thought that there could be a reset error where there is such a mistake
  4. I know that, since the commission was 30%, I was not paid even after 53 days. 53 days have passed after $ 173 balance. We can't get along with people here because of language problems. It is not understandable that they give negative points to my writings. Although 53 days have passed, I have not received my $ 173 payment. Because Alamy couldn't get paid. No need to expand the topic. Thanks to only a few people who contributed.
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