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  1. On 09/06/2021 at 23:41, Mr Standfast said:



    Jerry, you may have caught the forum when it is at it's grumpiest.  I had been contributing about a 100 images a month for seven months before I made my first sale. then bingo, two on the same day.  Some experience quicker returns than that, some worse. Image buyers shop around, if they can find the same image for less, weel what would you do? As a hobby, Alamy is a bit rubbish. If however you treat it as a hobby business, there are modest returns. The effort to reward ratio was always poor, for the smaller contributor it's getting worse.


    Stay safe.




    Yes. What kind of danger we can find in 123 images?

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  2. 20 hours ago, Thyrsis said:

    There are 255,000 million images on Alamy, 123 of them are yours. How on earth can you expect them to sell! Be realistic. 

    You need at least 1000 images to get 1 sale a month.

    Sorry to say this but yes, many other new contributors will experience similar results.


    EDIT: Sorry if that was a bit harsh, I’d had a bad day! Your images are very good and I’m sure they will sell in the right place. 🙂



    I have more than 5000 images, exclusive to Alamy and only 2 sales. Why? 1000 images and 1 sale for month? I would like see that!

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