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  1. My 21 cents sale was reported this week, and it came up on the sales overview as 0$!! Unlimited print run, unlimited use, any size, any placement, and in perpetuity – A full house! The question I need an answer to is what on earth Alamy is doing debasing photographers' work by selling this cheaply? I know we normally don't expect much for sales these days, but this is double ridiculous. Why are Alamy letting themselves be pushed this low or offering the pictures this cheaply? Who is able to negotiate down this far, and how many pictures do you have to be using on a bulk deal to get r
  2. Thanks Jools, I did go back to the email where they dropped me from the News feed and discovered that they were giving me Reportage access, so I have been using that for more newsy things. Job done, I reckon my question has now been answered, thanks for all the suggestions.
  3. Thanks Dave, Should have said that a while ago in a cull, Alamy restricted those who had never had news usages from submitting via the News Feed, and as I don't fulfil the criteria, It's not really worth my while applying again. Any further advice?
  4. Hi Friends,I am not a Live News contributor, but sometimes have pictures that I feel might be of interest to picture editors. However, they will probably get lost in the ocean of other work if I don't let someone know they are there.How do I bring them to Alamy's attention and do I need to use news style captions and include IPTC metadata? Will they push them to news desks etc if they think they fit the bill? Will they even consider them for news type use if they aren’t uploaded via the news route? I am not eligible to submit via the news feed and such is the low volume of my work that it
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