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  1. They are more expensive (MACS) but as I have NEVER used anything else they get my vote ! Colin.
  2. Enjoy your trip and if you should get homesick for a curry (for the uninitiated Leicester is probably the curry capital of England), you could try Diwalis Nepalese Restaurant in Georges St opposite Wicklow St. The food is excellent and they do a really good bargain lunch. I get magnetically attracted to the place whenever I'm there. And there is a nice Spanish tapas place a few doors down. After the amount of Guinness I am going to stuff down my face I should be magnetically attractive myself with all the Iron that is supposed to be in it! Back to photography.......Hoping to buy a RX100
  3. How about a WANT SALES Forum !
  4. Hi Ed. Just back from Florida...& U guys eat too much for breakfast !!
  5. Hi Sue. I uploaded 1 on the 2nd of September..looks like a fail !!
  6. Same here ! Think I will go back to the G9 with no dust bunny problems. 1 image uploaded and checked at 200% I obviously missed something.. Colin. Using Canon M11..Must buy a new camera !
  7. I have one image awaiting QC. This I THINK can mean a fail (uploaded on Friday & checked at 400%) Seems it's who you get checking !
  8. Paul. We ALL fell your pain but that's the way it is !! I upload around 4 To 5 at a time checked at 400 % a bit over the top I know but after a fail last month I am a wee bit paranoid. NEVER upload until your last lot has cleared! Colin.
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