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  1. Should this thread not be renamed..Have you found any Alamy photographs in the newspapers ?? Colin.
  2. Here we go..1st try...file:///Users/colinpaterson/Desktop/ALAMY%20SUNSETS/A7T318.jpgfile:///Users/colinpaterson/Desktop/ALAMY%20SUNSETS/A2W4G8.jpgfile:///Users/colinpaterson/Desktop/ALAMY%20SUNSETS/A9R63H.jpg
  3. Must have been asked a million times !! but how do U upload to this thread ????
  4. Hi Ed. Not editing but EVERYTHING else done on a Mac Air. I have CS5 on it but would not trust IT or my vision to edit ! Hope U had a great festive season. Regards, Colin.
  5. Sorry Folks..I forgot !! The images found thread would then be Redundant !!
  6. Why are Any of U in this scheme ? When all U get are moans ! LEAVE for the New Year. Best Wishes, Colin.
  7. This is the worst case of canine dandruff that they've ever seen! SORRY!!!
  8. Merry Xmas to EVERYBODY here ! May 2014 be everything you wish for !
  9. I gave a hundred blank pages to our local one today. She said thanks in a foreign language ! I said o.k. don't make a Big Issue out of it !
  10. Hi all. Forget the Zooms & Views... It's sales that matters !!
  11. "The whole collection of images could be worth from penis to lots of money depending of course of the quality of them at that moment. " Is your PENIS worth nothing ?
  12. Sticking with the mark11.. Don't have the money to spend on all these new bodies !! Wish I did cos they have improved so much(Nikon,Canon & the rest ) over the years. Stick to 100 asa max & it is FINE !! Colin.
  13. Hi Jools. Some of my best sellers were taken in Scotland between Jan. & March...The light can be fantastic then ! Colin.
  14. Hi Paul. Have used the mark 11 for many years now (apart from the wee G9) and it has been GREAT...so the mark 111 should be even better !! However this year I did a shoot with a fellow photographer who had a 5d111(I think) and was JELOUS of the image quality and the high ISO he could go to...Not to mention the muck on my camera compared to his !! Maybe the LATEST is the best. Colin.
  15. Hi Stu. I have only sold 831 since I started here in 2000.Probably about 40 are DOUBLERS. Your images look GREAT to me but MAYBE the file size is a problem. I have lots pass QC from the Canon G9 BUT none have sold!!! I think buyers are still THINKING 48mbs... Colin.
  16. Glad I only have a £9 phone from Tesco !!! It actually makes calls !
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