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  1. I know this vpics as I am NOT in the scheme !! However is 6 years ok. for reporting or am I doing something wrong on Google images ??
  2. Hi All. Not in the scheme but just got a sale through today. When I search Google images it shows as last updated in Oct. 2008. That was a LONG time ago! Am I doing something wrong ??? Regards, Colin.
  3. Bestseller for ages at $1540.02 gross. Total sales around 1870.00 mark and that was for 6 in total!! Good to see the big sales are still out there ( will get a refund now ) Normal sales are NOT very good ... are they !!??
  4. Got the email but I am in the Sin Bin !!! However most sales this month for images (scanned ) up to 24 years old... so does it matter ? Highest sale for ages & $1540.00 gross so THAT might have helped !!!
  5. Still using the G9 !! Not on the REC. list but never had a fail from it !! Colin.
  6. Hi Ed. They are working on it according to reply. However as Peter said above all images are still searchable ! Colin.
  7. Just looked at a few others on the Forum & they are all the same. Must just be an ALAMY moment !!! Colin.
  8. Paul. Just went up to page 22 on your images and STILL keywords none. So that's 2 of us not selling !! Think a wee email to Alamy from U is needed !! Colin.
  9. Paul. I have emailed M.S. Must be some computer thing if U are in the same boat. Probably affecting lot's of us. Colin.
  10. Hi all. Having enlarged a few of my images I find in the result Keywords None. If I go to Edit Image the keywords are there. Just a blip I hope !! Anyone else finding this ?? Colin.
  11. Hi Ed. Use the Air for everything but not P.P. Love it!!! Colin.
  12. THANKS guys & gals. Wish they would make it clearer as an earlier post from Alamy said "it is technically possible to upload from iPad " Will try a couple & see what happens !! You folks are great when a problem rears it's ugly head. Let U know how I get on ! Regards, Colin.
  13. Got an IPAD mini for my birthday..only a 5mp camera but will give it a try...having great fun with it anyway.! G.... have the same thing with Moments so maybe a wee trend here. Will NOT buy an IPHONE just to take images !
  14. Well done Lass. !!!! 1st of many I hope !
  15. A good few last year...all of the same pic. Nothing this year though!! Colin.
  16. We would all love to know who they are!! Not so as to approach them but just to see where our work has been used. Colin.
  17. Cristina. Check the dates & usage on THIS one !! Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print and e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 2 page spread Start: 01 July 2013 End: 01 July 2038 All terms and rights granted as per the Alamy Preferred Vendor Agreement dated 26th January 2010 prevail. Flat rate per image, license period 20 years. $180 ????
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