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  1. Steve and Cal, Thanks! I do see what you are talking about regarding the histogram and will need to pay more attention it as a guide but still let my creative side impact editing decisions. Digital photo editing is relatively new to me and I still a lot to learn. Thanks for all the great feedback and discussion! Juli
  2. Paulette, Thanks, I agree! If I didn't want someone's advise then I wouldn't have asked but I do want advise. Another perspective tends to help rather than hinder. I do indeed appreciate the feedback I am getting. Juli
  3. Hi John, Thanks! I did double check the identification of those butterflies and they still appear to be subspecies of Vanessa cardui which is commonly found in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada. There are a couple of species of Chlosyne in the area but the distribution for one of them is at a much higher elevation (5,900 - 8,900 feet) than the location of these photos (about 3,500 feet) in addition, the scale color pattern doesn't match. The other species is primarily orange with a small fringing of white on the wing margins. Thanks for having me double check - entomology is no
  4. Cal, Thanks for adding! I generally just go by eye as well as what appeals to me and haven't really used the histogram for anything other than checking for clipping. Juli
  5. Steve, Thanks! That is a good explanation and clarifies a few questions I had regarding the histogram. Juli
  6. Steve, Thanks for the detailed feedback I really appreciate it! I will go back through and fix the captions to add more details such as the Latin names and location. I used to put in the spelling variants but when I uploaded to some other stock sites they were marked as misspelled. I have been using the keywording field in lightroom to help speed things up but often it is just easier to copy/paste from my spreadsheet. Maybe I should have a separate column for the sites that accept variants. No, I have not used the histogram consistently except checking for clipping but I will take anot
  7. Thanks, Betty! I had not considered the copy space aspect. I will add that into my compositions.
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks! I use lightroom and photoshop (if needed). Every photo is edited individually, but in general I use the basic panel and then reduce/eliminate noise with the luminosity slider. HSL is used as needed. I used to shoot film years ago then about 3 years ago realized I really did miss great photos and picked up the panasonic luminx gx85 prior to a trip to Australia. Both the camera/handheld computer and photo editing software have been a fabulous on-going learning experience. I tried another editing software prior to adobe (trying to avoid a subscription) but it was very f
  9. Hello Alamy people, I will greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me regarding my portfolio. I have been on Alamy nearly 1.5 years and do know that my portfolio is small. I have had two sales but like everyone, more sales would be fantastic! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/671273.html Thanks!
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