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  1. It's not exactly about exclusivity, as far as I understand... nonetheless, I am guessing that the same rule for RM would apply. Thanks.
  2. Based on what people say it seems like RM is the way to go for Alamy... I see, then I guess I have no choice but to leave them as RF since I also sell them with other stock agencies... I'm wondering about something though... normally i take several pictures of the same subject in different angle / lighting / background and then I upload only a few of the best ones, would it be ok if I take one of the unpublished photo and upload it as RM , considering the photo would be very similar to other ones that are RF, maybe just a slight variation of elements in the photo or camera angle e
  3. Hi, I am new to Alamy, is RM or RF option better? The other stock agencies i've used didnt have this option and it is selected by default at Alamy... I saw some say RM is better on older forum posts, should I switch my images to RM? Thanks
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