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  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful and comprehensive reply, Marianne. I am really struggling with how to sell my work and have started marketing on facebook, mainly because it is a platform I am familiar with. I have dabbled a little with twitter but as most of the people who reacted or shared my images were other photographers I did wonder whether this would attract people who would be interested in buying my work. However, it has obviously worked for you to some extent. Yes I agree Alamy is a very different market but as people are very tech savvy now I wondered if selling downloads so
  2. Hi Elliot I know this is a very old thread but I was interested to see whether you have continued using social media to promote your images on alamy. I am just starting to try to sell my images and know that as many of my images are landscape or flora there is a lot of competition here on alamy and so sales are likely to be low through the use of keywording only. As you were in a similar position last year I was wondering how it was going.
  3. Hi Reading various posts people talk about how many zooms they have had in a month and the CTR for their images. Can somebody tell me what a zoom is and where I can find the zoom and CTR statistics in my account? Thanks in advance.
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