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  1. No, I got through that hurdle already, but it is my first submitting after the first 3. Every stock company works a little differently and I'm used to having to put in captions and keywords BEFORE submitting for review, not after...
  2. Oh great, thank you! So they won't reject them without all that. Works a bit differently than Shutterstock and Adobe then...Thank you so much!
  3. Help!! I by mistake uploaded 28 pictures without getting a chance to put captions or keywords on them and now they're in QC and will most surely get rejected. I tried to stop the uploading, but it was too late. There doesn't seen to be anyone I can call. Is there any way I can caption/keyword them now?? Thanks, Silly Newbie
  4. Hi, I have a quick question (I hope). Does Alamy accept restored or colorized pictures taken around 1890's to 1910's? I have a large collection of my relatives in Sweden from that time. A LOT of them are actual snapshots which is interesting because most people didn't have cameras to take every day snapshots with. I have restored many of them in photoshop and colorized some of them, but of course I have all the originals as well. I have no model releases obviously. I am the next of kin to the people; grandmother, great grandmother etc, but I have many images which I have no clue who they
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