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  1. ******************* Took a peak at your pics... Do the food plate pics sell well, I do cruises & can take plenty of them.. What are your best sellers? Thanks, Bob
  2. Hello everyone... Was on SS for years until commissions was cut, still on but will leave after payday... Can anyone give me a realistic idea on commissions for Alamy? $______ Most of my uploads will be exclusive... I have a Canon 80D with the 17-40mm 1:4 L lens & the Canon 100mm Macro lens... Just learning the 80D, which is replacing my 40D... Note.... If I have a shot with a company name or logo then how do you list it?_____ Also if I have a shot with random people then how do I list it?____ Thanks Bob
  3. ********************* Thanks for the input... I have been shooting Micro Stock & selling on another site (SS)... I shot some Katrina hurricane shots with my Canon 20D, hope they will be accepted here as they sell good... Have a Canon 80D & 40D (back-up)... I like to shoot a clean pic but will have to look into Lightroom... Bob
  4. I am a newbie so most likely asked before... Can you submit jpegs that have been cropped?_______ What other post op is allowed... I have a Canon 80D & shoot in RAW... Thanks, Bob
  5. ******************* Many thanks... Will start uploading... Bob
  6. I have been on Shutter S for years but only 400 pics on site.... Ready to upload to Alamy so wondering if the shots I have from my Canon 40D (4mb) will pass...? I have some Katrina pics that do well on SS... They are around 4 mb jpegs... Would love to upload them but they may not pass... Thanks in advance for your help... Bob
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