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  1. Question for Ed...I notice you have lots of signs of well known shops/brands etc, how do you get past the copyright issue? Do you mark images as editorial? Cheers
  2. Hi Marc. Just a quick question. I had a look at the images in your folio and noticed quiet a few with people in them. How are they accepted if you have no model release?
  3. Thank you Marianne, I'll check that out. Cheers
  4. Hi Bill Don't know what that is, is it an American thing?
  5. Hi Marc I realise now it's not about your best or favourite shots but what other people want to buy. I have gradually changed what I'm shooting but probably need to research a bit more. I presume the impressionist effect you are referring to are the tree images. I took 25-40 images of each and then layered them in Photoshop. I look at an image I like and try to recreate, get bored with that and then move on. I think the photographer is Pep Ventori or Ventora who did the tree images. I do like the technique though but I can see why it wont sell. I'm going to look at my capti
  6. Wow...more work to do I feel. I've only come back to photography and Alamy this year hence my small output but thank you everybody for some excellent advice. Will take it all on board and keep shooting. Many thanks to all who took the time to reply. Cheers
  7. Hi all I started to add to my folio earlier this year so I only have 96 images online. I realise now some of my earlier images were probably unsellable so I've gradually been changing the content of my submissions but I currently have `0` sales! Anybody have advice please on how you get that elusive first sale? Thank you.
  8. Once again thank you for the helpful replies. Thank you MDM for the very kind words on my limited folio of images. Never photograph myself usually but lockdown forced me to think outside the box (or in this case outside in the garden) 😀
  9. A late reply but thank you for all the information and advice. I use lightroom to edit and then photoshop to tweak things. I noticed Steve F takes 1 to 2 minutes to edit images, wow I need to speed up significantly. Keywording seems to take forever, any tips to speed that process up?
  10. Hi all I'm also new to Alamy and have had worries about this issue. I have always ticked "editorial" for any images with people or property in and found my images were accepted. What is the difference if I tick editorial or don't tick editorial? What would happen if you took a picture of the New York skyline, that would be impossible to get releases for every building? What should I put these images in...Rights Managed or Royalty Free? Is one better than the other? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi all, a few questions. What is soft proofing? When I crop an image, what is the minimum file size I should crop to export to Alamy? What export settings should I be using? How on earth do people upload so many images given the time it takes to process, retouch and keyword? Spent all weekend doing this and now have about a dozen images. If I submit those dozen images and 1 fails, do they all fail? If the above happens do Alamy tell you which image has failed and why? All info greatly appreciated Thank you
  12. Just wondering when an interested party searches for an image how does the Alamy search engine prioritise those images? Does it search in this order... `Supertag` `Tag` `Caption` Or does it search initially with the caption because that is what you see when the results come up? Many thanks
  13. Hi Spacecadet Many thanks for the info. If I attach keywords in Lightroom do Alamy also remove these and should I attach keywords when I am first submitting before the image has passed QC?
  14. I'm fairly new to Lightroom, and Alamy restrictions. My question: I'm just looking at Lightroom workflow on YouTube. The first thing when you import an image (according to Mr YouTube man) is to open the metadata box and put `your name` in the box marked `Preset Name`. Then move down to the section marked IPTC Copyright and enter `your name` and click the box below to read `Copyrighted`. Will this be acceptable to Alamy? The other boxes are `Unknown` and `Public Domain`, should I use any of the three options or should I just leave it blank. Sorry that's a bit of a long
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