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  1. HI Gang, I couldn't find this post anywhere on the forums but does one need a release form for you own kids or family members? I'm talking immediate family here not grumpy Uncle Bill. I have a ton of Death Valley type pix with my own kids\wife in them. Thanks, Mark
  2. Thanks Cal. Yeah, I'm not sure really. Do you think "Editorial" would get more sales? I'm definitely a novice here. Suggestions are welcome Mark
  3. Thanks Steve, National and State Parks are off limits too so few opportunities there. Yes, Falling Down was filmed here! Thanks for the tip about the portfolio critique and keywords - sage words indeed sir! Thanks again! Mark
  4. Hi Steve and thanks for the welcome! Yes, Death Valley is unreal. I stayed out so long in the sand dunes that it became dark and I nearly couldn't figure out how to walk back to my car a few miles away (the sun goes out like a lightswitch here not the endless twilight like in England ) but I spotted some car lights and started scrambling for safety! I am new to stock. We hike a lot since there's a good bunch of trails in Simi Valley (within the LA movie zone) but LA central - forget it. The roads are like motorways and you cross\walk them at your peril. I was in London last year for a centenary of my old school and stayed near Harley St. Steve. It seemed kind of empty? This was in May. I'm so used to a million taxis and buses... Best regards, Mark
  5. Hi, I'm a Brit living forever in LA and missing London. Looks like there's a lot of great discussions going on here. I'm delighted to have my first batch of pix (Death Valley no less) approved. I'm primarily a wedding and people photographer and videographer but I try and escape to some of the national parks close by when I can like Yosemite, Death Valley and Joshua Tree. I own four Canons of varying specs, a DJI Phantom IV Pro drone and a GoPro, with a 5D Mk.IV at the top. I have six kids! Mark
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