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  1. HI Mark, I have done a screen shot and moved it to my desktop. I have tried to copy and paste it onto this page but no success. The only thing I can think of is sending the screen shot to you if send me your email address I can send it direct to you. I fully understand if you don't wish to do this or even if it is against Alamy rules. Regards Terry
  2. Thanks I will try that now. No thumb nail in centre Column.
  3. Hi Mark, sorry for the delay in answering. The operating system is windows 10 and the browser is Google Chrome. I am using a Lenovo all in one desktop but I have the same problem on my Laptop which is an elderly HP. regards Terry
  4. New member since April. Please help!!! I have passed QC and uploaded a number of images since(30) but I am unable to access them to title or to put key words onto them. When I open the image manager page it looks nothing like the like the page on the instruction manual or on the utube video page The 3 sections are there but the centre section(image selection) does not show any images and is only about a sixth of the size it should be. Not only that but it does not allow me to make any selections at all, no matter what heading I choose. I have tried on a number of occasions over a f
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