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  1. Thanks to all three of you. I think I will wait until Alamy people (and all the rest of us...) are back in full function, and see if they can answer my first question. I'll also wait with downloading my data, in case I create a problem for myself or my image files. I'm not in a hurry, although this question has been in my mind for quite some time.
  2. Niels; Photo Mechanic is recommended by Alamy for keywording an image before uploading to Alamy. So it seems that whatever number of keywords you include with an image, it is accepted by AIM. I have used PM for years, for my own purposes (instead of Lightroom's organizer), and started about a year ago to use PM as the only way to add keywords to my images before uploading to Alamy. And thanks for your comment on the canoe pictures. Harry; thanks your input. I did one test. I coped all keywords from one image that contained 56 keywords, onto an Excel sheet, and then created columns.
  3. Thanks Niels- All keywords are still there, although the heading shows ''50/50'', even though there is another 3-4, or more, listed. So, when on Alamy I usually delete keywords to come down to exactly 50. But that's always a pain, when you have spent time and efforts while in Photo Mechanic to come up with as many decent keywords as possible. And to start counting keywords on each and every image is such a time consuming affair. What I would have liked to know from Alamy is, what happens to the keywords that are in excess of 50. Problem is, Alamy do not answer my question...
  4. I use Photo Mechanic for adding keywords before submitting images to Alamy. It happens frequently that there is more than 50 keywords. What happens in Alamy's system with the excessive keywords? Are they still kept in the system and in search engines, or does Alamy somehow delete some keywords to fit the 50 figure? AsbjornM
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