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  1. Book Publisher use pricing

    Thanks all! Some great advice and personal experiences here - I appreciate it! I checked their budget - good call John Mitchell, which was close to the mid point of my range. I added 250 to their bid, and they went for it. So I feel like we've found a good price. Fyi, this buyer had licensed an image of mine a while back - through a different agency, and had decided to contact me direct through my website. I was finally able to see what they paid for the prior image (something i didnt know when starting this post), and factored that into my quote as well. Thanks again - I appreciate the feedback! Brian
  2. Book Publisher use pricing

    I'm at a loss trying to calculate a price quote - I thought I would tap into the collective forum genius for some help... An educational book publisher wants to use one of my images as a two-page spread for a chapter heading. Their requested terms are: Non-exclusive Term: In Perpetuity Includes: Any new editions/revisions, all media (including later use in DVD, or video) Any derivative works. They haven't specified an initial print run, but since they're wanting rights forever, I'm not sure the initial print total is vital to my calculation. Essentially, this is an RF type license request. I've attempted use of the Alamy calculator and came up with pricing from $460-$1850. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Brian
  3. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, Oct 22nd 2 Thanks so much for spotting this Michael! Brian
  4. (20) most common UK-US word combos...

  5. 2015 Alamy Poll

    I'm with Philippe - I ticked 'about the same.' But the results are; Number of sales - up .0395% Gross amount - down .0013% Net amount - up .0662% Really close numbers - but to achieve it I had to add 25% more images... Maybe it should be more of a loss - but it's New Years Day, I feel optimistic! Brian
  6. dehaze filter

    The LR dehaze filter is also available in the graduated filter menu. This means that you can target it's use to specific parts of your image. You can also use a brush filter (within the grad filter) to remove the effect on whatever portions of your image you like. I've found the LR system to be much more efficient than blending layers In PS - although either will get the job done. I'm a big fan of the dehaze filter. It's easy to overuse it though.
  7. am I victim of (melodic) infringement?

    Hi Ed, In the instances I was involved with regarding FBI and copyright - the issue was more about piracy than infringement. The artists that I was representing had a portion of their actual recording lifted and dropped into the thief's record and he was marketing it as their own. Since these were world-wide recognized artists, and the pirated records crossed all state and international boundaries, the FBI got involved. As a general rule, I doubt they investigate normal infringement activities. You're right - I think Jeff would have a HUGE task on his hands here trying to get any sort of judgement against Budweiser. Maybe he'd settle for a free beer or two... Cheers, b
  8. am I victim of (melodic) infringement?

    IMO, There are similarities, but not exact an copy. Also, the sample size (melody pattern) is probably not long enough to warrant any action. Like Ann, I'm no where near a lawyer, but did spend 30 years in the music-biz, and in a few instances worked with the FBI on copyright infringement cases that involved artists that I was working with. Brian
  9. A Question for Traveling Photographers

    Most all chargers these days are designed for multiple frequencies and voltages - especially things made for travel (like cameras!). The Sony W710 is no exception - voltage range is 100-240v and frequency is 50-60 hertz. All she will need is an adapter to get from her charger plug configuration to the UK standard - no transformer necessary. So it sounds like your assumptions are correct. Cheers!