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  1. Thank you. That answers my question about labels and description of the imagen. But it is not clear to me about illustrations containing text within/inside the image. My intention is that for my illustrations/3D renders that contain text within the image, make two variants in English and Spanish. I would like to know if I am allowed to upload works that contain Spanish text within/inside the image, and how I could make them more visible in the Alamy.es community. If I don't get a solution for it, I suppose I should stop uploading my works as exclusive to Alamy, in order to upload Spanish text versions on other sites that allow it.
  2. Hi. First, I tried to log in to alamy.es with my alamy.com account and was rejected. My question is, do I run security risks by having entered username and password there? Are they the same? Another question is about jobs with text. If the text is in Spanish, what would be the methodology to follow and what is recommended to do so that works with Spanish text have visibility in Spanish speakers community? Upload images only to alamy.com and use labels in Spanish? o Register to alamy.es and share those works there?
  3. I do illustrations. Sometimes I realize after uploading the image, that it needed some corrections, or that it could be improved. The ideal would be to be able to delete images under QC. Or in any case, I hope not to disturb the people in charge of the QC with overwork on images that I will later eliminate. Sorry about that.
  4. @LawrensonPhoto , No, I do not want to resell images. I don't want those who buy my images to be allowed to resell it on sites other than Alamy. @M.Chapman , Thank you. If I have offended someone by reviving an old thread, sorry. I am used to forums whose policy is you search before opening new threads. Thanks.
  5. Hi. I have read the thread but it is not clear to me if any Alamy license allows buyers to resell images (with or without modifications). I have seen that in sales descriptions, those labeled "Personal Use" are the only ones whose description mentions that it is "not for resale". So is reselling allowed in the other types of licenses? I would like a detailed list of licenses or sales models under "Buy this stock image now ..." that allow a buyer to resell the image as such. I don't mean commercial use of the image, which I want the buyer to be able to do. I mean reselling the image as such or with modifications, on other stock image sites for example. Or to ask it another way, what license should I choose so that buyers of my images are not allowed to resell the image as such?
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