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  1. Surely with all these restrictions etc bing put in to place, which will cost contribs revenue, why don't a number club together and ask a lawyer..... I would suggest Swan Turton as IIRC Alamy used/maybe still do get their advice/services. Might be a conflict of interest but photographers mulling over and pronouncing on legal issues might be great for popcorn sales but it's not really getting anywhere.
  2. Hi Your images and captions are mostly very typical MS, they will have limited appeal here. You are not dealing with an agency that is primarily design(er) clients, Alamy is mainly editorial stock so pictures typically need to illustrate something they would want to use in their media e.g a newspaper or book.
  3. https://www.dnb.de/EN/Home/home_node.html Like most National Libraries, I think they have a mandate to collect every book published within the country. I don't know how useful their search is. Catalog search https://portal.dnb.de/opac.htm
  4. Never assume that all grafitti is 'illegal' - some artwork is paid for and I doubt photographers shooting such images actually find out the legal situation. The problem is not always being sued, it's also the treat of it. Legal advice costs. One (in)famous case that did get to court https://petapixel.com/2010/04/10/greek-man-sues-swedish-company-over-turkish-yogurt/ The stock agency involved is based in Spain and was also taken to court (or at least the owner was in court according to himself, on the agency forum) - never found out how far down the food cha
  5. 'Reasonable' means many different things to different people. I started shooting stock in the 1980s in a very different agency world. As a full time shooter, I gave up on stock when total income (not revenue) dipped below £20K - that's my 'reasonable'. That happened years ago and I refuse to subsidise agencies like Alamy with imagery. If you are not making a business profit, you are feathering their beds..... that means a proper accounting of your expenses....not the fantasy accounting of most. I don't think stock ever recovered economically from the 2007 crash - it was on a slip
  6. Alamy had a forum well before that - I have an email about the forum (from MS....remember them) in January 2009 and I think it had been going some time previously. The previous incarnation was interesting to say the least....
  7. Sorry Betty but I am leaving (again). Terminating account for good. Last time I made mistake of leaving kws and captions in images, this time, thanks to AIM, I've got rid of them and no way on earth would I waste time on re-annotating the images. More insidious changes that are just a little too much to put up with. Regards Geoff
  8. For cultivars you won't find any comprehensive sites - for Roses alone there are probably (historically) in to five figures of named cultivars. The trick is to ask when shooting if possible, field identification is always the best. There are national collections of cultivars/garden genus all over the world (a lot in UK especially) and the owners/custodians are often more than helpful. For wild species you really just need a decent flora for that country. I carry a copy of Stace for example when shooting in UK. If you look up how many subspecies etc some plants have, a forum or
  9. In Photoshop preference (control K) under 'file handling', there should be a box right at the bottom of the window for how many files appear in your list (default used to be 10) - adjust to taste......
  10. PL is for when they have serious injury, perhaps life changing....or in my case if I burned down (accidently) one of the places I was shooting. In the UK we have free healthcare but we don't have free ongoing total care if I was found to have caused those injuries. It's a very small risk. If I were in a more litigious country it would be first in my priorities.
  11. For many years I had camera insurance as well as public liability - PL is about the cheapest insurance you can buy considering the amount it covers you for - last time IIRC was about £60 for many millions in cover...... better value than camera insurance. I needed cover for shooting high-end houses plus a few other shoots, so it was a no brainer. The value of camera only insurance really depends on what you are going to do with your camera kit and how easily you can afford to replace if things go wrong. Personally I can live without insurance on my kit these days. Car insurance
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