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  1. The people investing in the high-end stuff (leicas etc) tend to have serious money that is fairly immune to the economic situation. Don't forget this is a global market - for example I sell a lot of classic British lenses to the Far East and they are always interested in more. As for the hipster end (Trip 35 etc)....well it's so often students (I know because they end up being sent to the halls of residence!!).
  2. There's a shortage of stock (mainly older classic stuff) in the trade. A lot of this stuff comes from specialist auctions which have been much fewer in number this past year - the big online ones have reappeared but it's the local special auctions which have been hit badly. These were ones where large amounts of stock went back in to the trade from localish house clearance etc. Also the small camera dealers have been closed for much of the time so people have been unable to bring in collections etc. Also certain cameras have shot up in price from collectors who are seeing significa
  3. I'm a little confused. The question was about RAWS, surely the film simulation can only be produced as a jpeg, as a RAW is a RAW...only the original information. I've only occasionally used Fuji cameras (owned most of them through one of my businesses but only play with them the odd time). I've used various Fuji presets in LR/PS - mainly Velvia (some god awful ones in the early days) - I know that there are some ACROS ones around https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2016/11/simulating-a-better-acros-with-raw-files-in-lightroom Various opinions
  4. If you've clicked on Black and white (develop - basic) then AFAIK you only see a b/w version as you work through any set of controls in LR.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Installation_art Loads of kws here.
  6. Bees Ruby is another common(ish) name . Even stuck it on a coin....
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