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  1. Lets get the lawyers in on this old chestnut https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/personal-injury/types-of-personal-injury-claims/videotaping-and-photography-on-private-property.html Taking pictures and offering them commercially can be two separate chestnuts......
  2. You may be right.....at least about Arsenal...but I have never had more than 8GB of RAM and can still easily open and work on PS files which are up to 2.5GB. The point is that Adobe are enabling GPU acceleration on many/most? of their software - it's a trend worth bearing in mind.
  3. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/kb/photoshop-cc-gpu-card-faq.html
  4. If Jill can find a software that uses CUDA core rendering (I use it with Blender), then GPU rendering is far quicker than large GB RAM. That's why Luminar is slow, it's not set up for GPU rendering. When I started 3D rendering via CPU it would be hours for a render (glass/caustics etc) , sometimes overnight - 5 or 6 GB of DDR5 in a graphics card utilising CUDA significantly cuts that time. OpenCL is an alternative.
  5. Amana are a long established agency in Japan - very legit and from my history of occasional sales (via other agents), very well paying in comparative terms.
  6. Attacking football....... ya-de-yah-de-yah Apologies for bogarting the OP, oh you were the OP....
  7. They are cine lenses and being so fast, produce some great results - no problem with the camera to mount them on...that I can afford. Well at least Spurs don't have to borrow money to extend their trophy cabinet - I believe the planning permission hasn't lapsed yet...... ten, twelve years....:)
  8. I would quite like a set (they are available as a set from CVP so are technically one item ) of Cooke 1.4 lenses for video. Used price (for anybody who's just won the lottery) is about £160k....... don't worry, I'll supply the PL camera..... MDM.... I won't mention the cup final...
  9. Michael Palin made them acceptable as travel bags in his TV series so some of them are not as 'cameras be here' as you might think. When I used to shoot top-end houses for clients, there is an expectation of the OTT gear you would use - hence Billinghams did the job and looked the part...... as did the Loakes etc. Funny now that when I see a photographer lugging a big backpack plus loads of gear anywhere (Villa Ephrussi one memorable example....very hot and up a hill), I now think Alamy photographer......
  10. It used to be cameras in a backpack in the days of medium format stock, a backpack which could also carry a tripod so basically a Lowepro. When working with clients it was a very large Billingham (all part of the 'show' for the public). Now I use a medium size Billingham with one old camera (5DII) and a few lenses plus I carry a tripod (CF). Weighs a fraction of what I used to lug. Most important consideration has always been finding a bag big enough for the equipment plus a lunch box.......
  11. Looks like a flame tree - Brachychiton sp from the flowers and seed pods. Edit - Maybe B. acerifolius which is grown on Gran Canaria (according to google....must be true!!!). A sneak peek at the leaves when they regrow will confirm...or not.
  12. It's always what the personal experience is. My best selling collections over past few years on a per image basis are RF, they are commercial images very widely distributed - nowdays they are Getty fodder..... never thought I would be writing that years ago. My overall best selling collections are with specialists and are RM because for most part the areas in which they work are legacy RM. One 'RM' agency has a RF collection because it's of it's possible wide distribution - agencies have tended to distribute RF over RM due to not needing to rights manage. It's easier to have RF on every agency in the world that the same images as RM. When my work was on Blend, it was apparently on over a hundred agencies. RM distribution was much, much lower. I don't consider DACS in my thinking as the monies have diminshed so much since I started: in fact this whole business has become a hobby for me (I was full time for over 3 decades). My own perspective is more about enjoying it now.
  13. Historically the commercial agencies were the most distributed, they gradually dropped RM as the major players changed preference from RM. They would only do so as it reflected a gradual change from clients. I couldn't send in RM CGIs or concept work for past number of years. I was given the choise of seeing it wither on the branch on Getty or change the licence. Legacy work that is RM is still selling but it quite clear that we are in the age of hybrid licencing or RF. Here at Alamy the hybrid is king almost - it almost doesn't matter what the licence is, a flat fee with long dates if the norm. We see, as Ian pointed out, RM on what are primarily RF agencies and they wouldn't be there if the agencies didn't think they would sell. It's a much harder journey to get there but people still do - I think that's mostly a belief in what RM was, not maybe what it currently is but that's a valid point of view since stock decisions are no longer taken from a business POV for most contribs.
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