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  1. Looks like a flame tree - Brachychiton sp from the flowers and seed pods. Edit - Maybe B. acerifolius which is grown on Gran Canaria (according to google....must be true!!!). A sneak peek at the leaves when they regrow will confirm...or not.
  2. It's always what the personal experience is. My best selling collections over past few years on a per image basis are RF, they are commercial images very widely distributed - nowdays they are Getty fodder..... never thought I would be writing that years ago. My overall best selling collections are with specialists and are RM because for most part the areas in which they work are legacy RM. One 'RM' agency has a RF collection because it's of it's possible wide distribution - agencies have tended to distribute RF over RM due to not needing to rights manage. It's easier to have RF on every agency in the world that the same images as RM. When my work was on Blend, it was apparently on over a hundred agencies. RM distribution was much, much lower. I don't consider DACS in my thinking as the monies have diminshed so much since I started: in fact this whole business has become a hobby for me (I was full time for over 3 decades). My own perspective is more about enjoying it now.
  3. Historically the commercial agencies were the most distributed, they gradually dropped RM as the major players changed preference from RM. They would only do so as it reflected a gradual change from clients. I couldn't send in RM CGIs or concept work for past number of years. I was given the choise of seeing it wither on the branch on Getty or change the licence. Legacy work that is RM is still selling but it quite clear that we are in the age of hybrid licencing or RF. Here at Alamy the hybrid is king almost - it almost doesn't matter what the licence is, a flat fee with long dates if the norm. We see, as Ian pointed out, RM on what are primarily RF agencies and they wouldn't be there if the agencies didn't think they would sell. It's a much harder journey to get there but people still do - I think that's mostly a belief in what RM was, not maybe what it currently is but that's a valid point of view since stock decisions are no longer taken from a business POV for most contribs.
  4. Outside of this forum, this agency to some extent, some specialist agencies and News..... RM is pretty much dead. RF has been the primary choice for many clients which is why so many agencies (inc G) don't want RM any more. Agencies don't prefer x or y, it's what their clients want or can use. I shoot RM for agencies that operate RM on a legacy basis, other than that it's all RF including previous RM images that used to sell very well for advertising (felt like monthly). Times have changed.
  5. Sorry but for the major contribs it will be a very short term dip. Those with 500 dls a day will double their percentage in one day - a week will add another level. True these are the minority but frankly they are the minority that most agencies are interested in. MSG has some feedback from a few where they are already some way up the new greasy pole - I don't know how the top percentage compares to previous top sub royalty but I suspect the commission grab is aimed at the lower end of the payout scale - people like me who dipped a toe and came late to the party. When I mentioned locations, I meant offices/business premises.
  6. I think there are a few completely missing what's been happening in micro by assuming that people with cell phones are snapping images for 10 cents. There are masses of images being produced very month by stock production concerns that are based in countries where the average income and general costs are a fraction of what we deal with in USA/Western Europe. For example, I've just checked a few Ukraine based producers who are shooting high-end business/lifestyle for micro (ports in the 10s of thousands) with multiple models and good locations. Fifteen or so years ago this would have been stock for Blend/Cultura/Image Source etc but now it's micro fodder (post Yuri). They are not alone and are the new face of a lot of micro production. They will suffer to some extent with the new royalty structure but are in a much better position to climb back to higher levels. If their port size can overcome the temporary blips, they will be doing business as usual.
  7. List of USD incomes https://www.ceicdata.com/en/indicator/ukraine/annual-household-income-per-capita Plenty of countries on that list in Europe and supplying large numbers of images to microstock including/especially, lifestyle. You don't have to be a 'poor' country in order to produce vast numbers of quality images. Once you can produce them cheaply, you can 'afford' to sell at rates/returns which UK/USA/Western European countries would find impossible to justify as a business. Personally I took great pleasure in deleting my small SS account, one image at a time - they lost their gloss a few years ago. Like normal stock channels, the good days are now history for most.
  8. I managed to get to the recycling centre/local tip. Been symied previously on a few occasions as couldn't join the queue as the end was beside the main road...... Bought a house just before lockdown and plenty to sort out. Small victories.
  9. You quoted me but it hasn't appeared. Canon had issues with oil on sensor filter with many cameras (1DS II was a pig for it) - used to be articles on Canon's site. This blog post from 2009 refers to them and the general problem. http://blog.richcharpentier.com/canon-is-aware-of-the-oil-on-the-sensor-and-still-charged-me/ TBH, it's not that bad, if like me, you are a little OCD about cleaning images in Photoshop. I never found dust spots an issue....just the sneaky lubrication ones. I still have the packet of V swabs that I first bought when they came out, that's how much I don't bother to clean the sensor filter.
  10. The 5D2 is well known for oil on the filter, those translucent spots that build up over time. I clean (occasionally) with the Visible dust swipes using their cleaning fluid (the one with the blue top). Camera has about 500k actuations - cleaned maybe once a year/18months - Photoshop does a great job where it really matters.
  11. Hi Ian, Am still around, as Brian Yarvin mentioned I am mainly on another forum although not posting a lot these days. Chris is fairly active on FB as a mother/grandmother now. Not heard from Bob C for a long time (I too thought he retired). Sadly the Ginnster may not be with us any more as he was ill for some time - Dennis McD was in touch so may have some news (I think he is still on the forum). Met some of the guys here last year at Cambridge meet up - left Alamy but got them to switch back on recently as they kept on sending me money. Not really been in the stock business for a few years but trying to reignite the blue touch paper recently. I did post in the thread early on but, as my first post, it took a few days for it to be moderated so kinda got lost. Regards from very sunny Norfolk.
  12. As long as it's bad news about other agencies, you're fine.... I think.
  13. Yes indeed. https://luminous-landscape.com/settings-for-an-accurate-histogram/
  14. Brian...active me....not so much. Ian, like others mentioned,I have pretty much given up on stock production. I try to stay away from the boards - regret the rancour but have met some lovely people (Chuck was a great example). Left Alamy but eventually thought better as other places closed - it's now just occasional fun/therapy to produce work. A number of the people mentioned are on FB but rarely doing much with new photography.
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