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  1. As already mentioned, about 1/3rd of your port has Italy as a keyword and mainly tourism related. This is the reality of providing images for articles on Italian locations. https://www.statista.com/statistics/654523/number-of-monthly-arrivals-short-stay-accommodation-in-italy/ Unfortunately normal spring/summer peak of articles coincides with that terrible graph. Sadly it's a case of wait and see but don't give up and stay safe.
  2. Well a quick look on Alamy and the largest micro agency might disagree with the above 'venice dining pov' or not ...... proper models etc etc are past shoots, authentic has been one of the main requirements in commercially orientated stock for quite a few years. The glitch effect, ordinary people etc - all needed in stock (released). Your family would be ideal....
  3. Your basic problem, as you have written, is that you are mainly shooting a lot of what other people shoot.....unreleased 'editorial' travel. You can scale up your port on Alamy and guess what, you will be finding pretty much the same results, once your port is bedding in to sales channels, as now...just more zooms and some more sales hopefully. If you wanted to make good money on those subjects you are twenty years too late - virtually all subjects are covered but you need to find those that are less saturated otherwise it's more of the same. And less saturated cannot mean those
  4. ISSN (AFAIK) are assigned to the title only - no difference month to month unless there is a significant change in the title....Farmers Weekly becoming Farmers Monthly or Farmers Fortnightly etc.
  5. Releases are valid at the moment they are signed, subject to you being able to sign the release i.e. you own the IP/commercial rights to that property (e.g.a house) - you have 'standing' at that time and that doesn't change with time.
  6. Any craft or art in an image should have a property release applied, if you can get one. It gives you options not open to an image which has no release. Needing a release and benfiting from a release are two different things. Also, in the wider scheme of things, relationships change and that that IP in the image may become more contested in later years. I shot for commercial agencies for many years and that's an instance that I would have been flagged up on by an editor (the hand made garment).
  7. I assume one of these https://tinyurl.com/y2y53t9n Most of these sorts of spares/hard to get parts seem to mostly come from Japan. An Ebay search with email notification is best way to start.
  8. Hi John IIRC, Bay windows are any that protrude even down to building ground level adding floor space to a room. An Oriel doesn't go to ground level - it is supported by a corbel (in the old days) of which you have a pair in your original question. So both terms are good, one is generic, one specific.
  9. It's a type of Oriel window https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-an-oriel-window-177517 FYI https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oriel_College,_Oxford
  10. Lets get the lawyers in on this old chestnut https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/personal-injury/types-of-personal-injury-claims/videotaping-and-photography-on-private-property.html Taking pictures and offering them commercially can be two separate chestnuts......
  11. You may be right.....at least about Arsenal...but I have never had more than 8GB of RAM and can still easily open and work on PS files which are up to 2.5GB. The point is that Adobe are enabling GPU acceleration on many/most? of their software - it's a trend worth bearing in mind.
  12. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/kb/photoshop-cc-gpu-card-faq.html
  13. If Jill can find a software that uses CUDA core rendering (I use it with Blender), then GPU rendering is far quicker than large GB RAM. That's why Luminar is slow, it's not set up for GPU rendering. When I started 3D rendering via CPU it would be hours for a render (glass/caustics etc) , sometimes overnight - 5 or 6 GB of DDR5 in a graphics card utilising CUDA significantly cuts that time. OpenCL is an alternative.
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