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  1. I like the look of this bit: Change Alamy's data in Lightroom and re-upload it
  2. ooh that sounds good, I will have a look! Thanks again
  3. That sounds a good idea, Harry, worth looking into. I'm just trying the free trial of the plugin now to at least get them sorted in LR. Thanks for the advice
  4. That looks a very handy tool! Thanks for the tip, Julie, I will definitely check it out. I think most of most of my 'problem' images are from when I was using Aperture, but I have recently moved them into a new separate Lightroom catalogue as Aperture is no longer supported after my last Mac OS update. I guess the easiest thing would be to delete the relevant images from Alamy, then use the plugin to sort the images in LR and re upload to Alamy
  5. It seems I can reply with the answer myself now; as my images have passed QC and all the captions are there The only slight issue I have now is that it seems Alamy does not take anything from the 'Title' field of images, only from the caption field. This causes a slight issue with lots of my older images, as when I completed their metadata in Aperture/ Lightroom I entered title/ description info in the 'Title' field and only the capture month/year in the 'Caption' field, thus leaving me with hundreds of images in Alamy with only a month and year as a title/ caption...much work to be done
  6. Hi everyone, Alamy newbie here; something to do whilst locked down during the virus crisis! I just uploaded 2,500 images by FTP transfer, they were all titled and captioned in Lightroom before doing so but as I look at them in my Alamy Image Manager, waiting in Quality Control they are all showing file names instead of titles! Will the titles be in place once the images have passed quality control or delete everything now, find out what went wrong and start again?
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