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  1. Hello out there. I've been here a few months and I would like to know what method exists to delete an image once it's been put on sale, to get around the 6 month waiting period. Basically, upon occasion, right after I upload a batch I realize that I missed a little thing in retouching and there is no way to delete an image, even after it goes on sale and you delete it, it won't be removed for 6 months. What I've been doing is just uploading the image again with the tweak it needed, but then there is essentially a duplicate image on the site for 6 months, which isn't good. Is there a way around
  2. OK, then I guess i"ll keep my various pseudonyms just to make it easier to sort them out. On another note, wow, almost 42,000 images, Phil Robinson! That's impressive. Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do with my measly 175
  3. Hello. I'm sort of new here and I wanted to get any info experienced users can give me about the use of pseudonyms. I read a blog elsewhere that they sort of work like sets do in SS. I originally uploaded all my images to the same pseudonym but after reading that blog, I separated them into different pseudonyms by category of pictures. I noticed my ranking fell after doing that. I don't know if that's just temporary until the different pseudonyms catch up, but I find it confusing. Can anyone tell me the exact purpose of using different pseudonyms and is it a good or bad idea? Thanks.
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