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  1. Hi again: These photos were uploaded about two weeks ago. I forgot to mention that before. They all have my name, caption, and keywords in excess of the minimum. I do appreciate the answers, though.
  2. Thanks to everybody answering. I still have 64 photos that are marked "not on sale", other than the ones that are on sale. The 64 are parts of series that have several on sale. I don't know if I need to delete the ones that are not on sale, or what. They have good descriptions and plenty of key words, so I don't know why they seem to be accepted, but are not on sale. The exception is one that is redundant. It's too much like one that is on sale. I may have to email Alamy & find out what to do about these.
  3. I should have plenty of tags, and full descriptions. And, it's been over two weeks since I uploaded the photos. They're accepted, but not on sale.
  4. I've uploaded a lot of photos that are not on sale even though I think I've gone through the submission process correctly. Only three are listed for sale. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
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