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  1. Tenerife looks amazing! I bet the lava fields are real boot eaters! I went with a guide in some lava tunnels in the Azores once and I remember some of those rocks being razor sharp!
  2. So many great photos and stories, I would love to hear more about them! I am very jealous of all the great hikes that you have accomplished. I would love to hear more about that trip to Venezuela! One of the most scenic hikes for me must be the Trolltunga hike in Odda, Norway. Definitely the most memorable at least! Great spot for lunch! It is a very popular destination so even if you go alone you will always have people around you! When you reach the end of the trail there will be a reward waiting for you (the sun isn't always shining t
  3. (I finally figured out how to embed an alamy image) Vereda de la Estrella is one of my favorite hikes. Located near Granada, Spain and part of the Sierra Nevada natural park, it has ha diverse ecology and beautiful views!
  4. Stunning views! I was supposed to go to the Alps in March, I had everything booked and planned and then the lockdown happened and I'm stuck in Spain since. I had planned on photographing the Matterhorn in the Swiss alps, but nope. Another time hopefully! I'm saving the names of the trails you mentioned, looks absolutely amazing!
  5. This looks like an amazing path! I'm gonna add it to my list of places I want to visit!
  6. Hello world, I'm going through old pictures and keywording those that will go to stock. Found pictures of Caminito del Rey (Malaga) and started missing the hiking in the summers. Even though I didn't like Caminito del rey because it was overcrowded and too controlled (payed entrance and security guards and cameras once every 20 m or so), the landscape is amazing! I would like to know what is your favourite hiking trails? (I need inspiration for my daydreaming!)
  7. Hi Steve! First, thank you for your extensive answer and your nice comments! I really appreciate you taking your time, so again thank you! Now, lets see: 1. More pictures, got it! As I understand It probably pays off, and even more so in the future I presume, to find niches and trends early on. I have been thinking a lot about this and have some ideas that I will explore. One general portfolio question I have is whether or not it is a good idea to keep more or less identical portfolios on Alamy as on microstock sites like Shutterstock. I have read on other forums that it seems like
  8. Hi Sally! Thank you for taking your time! And thank you for the nice comments and feedback! I will definitely take it into consideration!
  9. Hi, I have been contributing to Alamy for almost a year now (253 images), and since Alamy hasn't given me any sales while on other agencies where I have very similar portfolios I have had better success. I'm wondering if my portfolio is not suitable for Alamy´s customers or if there is anything that i'm doing badly? https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/692586.html Thanks for anyone taking their time to help out a fellow contributor and stay healthy!
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