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  1. Ah, so there are only 4 on Alamy...the way my Google search presented made it appear that there are many more on Alamy. There are pages of images of the Ace Hotel, but not on Alamy. The images they chose to use were from a NYC based pro photographer.
  2. Question/comments related to this section so I am posting here. The "what to shoot" list seems to be mostly populated by well know people/places/things of which numerous images already exist. With so many images of most of these subjects already in existence on Alamy, as well as many other sites, I dont see this list as being very useful. It seems that more specifics are needed for it to be useful in choosing what type of image to capture of most of these subjects. For example, a Google search for an abitrary seletion "Ace Hotel New Orleans" from the list t
  3. It would be interesting to get a shot from the same view point today...should look very different.
  4. Yes, it is a very beautiful area. We live in Volcan on the opposite side of Volcan Baru from Boquete. Boquete has boomed since you were there last. Its now upscale expat heaven with gated communities. It baffles me why people move to another country just to live behind a wall. It is still a very nice place to visit though.
  5. Greetings from a Southern (USA) expat in Panama (AKA an old gringo). Years ago, during the film era, I was into photography. In the past year I've gotten back into it and significantly improved my skills & knowledge. The online resources now are amazing. Photographic interests: macro, astral, landscape, nature, underwater... Gear: Sony a6000, GoPro 4 Black...looking at upgrades now that I'm seriously getting back into. We are fortunate to live in the western highlands of Panama where I can see beautiful scenes every day from my own back yard
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