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  1. Hi all, Many thanks for your replies and helpful insights. Sally - That's good to know. I wanted to be certain this was the case prior to submitting. I've added straight hyperlinks so hopefully you can see the images now? Although not at 100% so may need to follow the link. I'll add Dropbox links also as MDM suggested. I'll experiment a little in Lightroom with the noise reduction but from looking at the third photo zoomed in, what do you think about the noise? Needs very slight adjustment, or ok as it is? MDM - Thanks. I was getting a bit confus
  2. Hi Alamy community, My first post here and intending to request a critique of my portfolio in due course but bear with me a little while whilst I prepare a few more submissions. I have a question related to photos taken with my previous camera and eligibility for Alamy QC. There's also a question about ISO at the end which hopefully one of you can shed some light on. Cropped Sensor My current camera is a Nikon D610 (FX full frame) which is great, but prior to this I was using my trusty Nikon D60 for some time (APS-C DX cropped sensor). I liked th
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