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  1. Self important I most certainly am not. I have noticed on the forum a number of long-term contributors, with excellent collections, seriously talking about leaving Alamy. Some have already sent in their termination notices. In GaryK's terminology (not mine), whom I was responding to: the Wheat.
  2. I don't believe the "chaff" will care much about the 20% cut. They'll be happy just to get something. The "Wheat", however, will care. At this rate it's the wheat that Alamy will be - inadvertently? - culling.
  3. I suspect people are waiting for Alamy to come back to us, as they said they would a few days ago. Why do you find that so offensive? I'm starting to believe you are nothing but a troll.
  4. If you click the "Editorial only" box (as it seems many of us now are), don't forget to check the "personal use" box below it. You have to check it separately. It doesn't automatically check when you hit the editorial box.
  5. I spent years in UK courts (nothing nefarious!); I believe any judge would laugh Alamy out of the room if they tried to pin the blame photographers with this contract. I'd just rather not go there to begin with.
  6. It's interesting to see the amount of "forum newbies" on here, who are in fact long time Alamy contributors - myself included. That on its own says something. I am in a very similar position to you SeaKevin. I too have had book covers and ads, and done quite well over the years. I have a second collection of specialist images, which Alamy will not have many (if any, in some cases) "seconds" or true "alternates" for. Like you, I feel that it is no longer worth it. Is this finally the "straw that broke the camels back"? Feels like it is for many of us.
  7. You reach a point where you are no longer willing to put up with being taken advantage of.
  8. The 20% pay cut aside, (Like others, I remember a time I was getting 60% commission rate). A couple of things still bother me. 1. I DO NOT want Alamy contacting my direct customers. Ask me instead! Alamy will damage my relationships with my customers if they do this. (Surely Alamy would get a far quicker response from us than they would from end users?) 2. I am still unclear where I stand legally should my images be used in a way I said they cannot. Is Alamy still going to hold that I am legally liable? Somehow I can't see a judge viewing it Alamy's way, but
  9. Every year, employees get pay rises. Every year, contributors get pay cuts.
  10. The top topic on this board is "Alamy Blog - We Want Your Suggestions", which is another way of saying, "we want your help". Why would I help a company that just reduced my commission by 20%?
  11. Alamy may not lose any sleep if photographers with general stock remove their images or make them non-exclusive, as they may have many alternatives, but I wonder if they would feel the same about those providing specialised images that no one else - or very few others - have? How many pictures of the Eiffel Tower does one agency need? However, some photographers are quite specialised. About a quarter of my stock is in this "specialised" category. No one is shooting these types of images but me, or if they are, they are not doing it to my level or have my access. I've li
  12. Chuck, you know nothing about me, who I am or what I've done in life.
  13. It's been years since I've taken part in the Alamy forum, but I wanted to say/ask something. Alamy have been making suggestions for Covid-19 related photography. I wonder if others feel the same as me; these images will most likely to be bought by newspapers etc. What is the point of going out and doing all that work, and potentially putting your health at risk, just so some paper can buy the image for $3? There are so many images I could have taken but haven't bothered, because I know the money won't be worth the effort. This is one of the issues with the current price mod
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