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  1. Hi Zoomy, yeah it really is something I dont want to give up on and really cant see myself giving up on. I love taking photos, I find it good for my soul. So I'll definitely keep going at it and hopefully improving as I go. Yeah think you're more than likely right about it being Manchester town hall. Thanks for the heads up, I'll sort that out now. You would think with me living in manchester all my life I'd know the difference ☺. Cheers fella
  2. Hi, yeah think viewing/tweeking the photos on my laptop with a badly adjusted screen definitely didnt help my situation, I would tweak them then load them to alamy on my laptop and they didnt seem too dark, then after loading them and viewing them on my tablet they did appear too dark. In an ideal world I'd buy a decent monitor setup but with money how it is nowadays it will have to be on the back burner for a while. But I will definitely be far more careful with my screen adjustment and vetting of photos before I load the to alamy in future. Thanks for the input 👍
  3. Cheers Carol. Yeah definitely a bit daunting at first. But getting more familiar with my camera as time goes by. Yeah I'm going keep going-learning-improving. Really could never see myself giving up on it.
  4. Thanks all. Taking it all on board. All for the good. Better to know than not. See I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer at all. Infact I'm quite an ameture ( picked up my first DSLR a little over a year ago ) to be honest it's been a bit of a head bender just getting my head around aperture, exposure & iso, didnt help at first with aperture being reverse of what youd expect. But I'm learning every day & hoping to get much better. Didnt know about stabilization setting making the image blurred, ( see reverse of what you would expect ) now I do know. See I'm lea
  5. Thanks for the input ladies and gents, much appreciated. Cheers cal, yeah I'm not far from manchester united football ground. Never know we might bump into one an other one day lol. Wish I had 2 sales, my alamy portfolio is a bit like a ghost own at the moment 🤣. Cheers spacecadet, yeah I agree the more images, the better chance of a sale, bit like fishing with 20 rods instead of 1. Cheers Sally r, Matt cashmore, I'd also agree about my images being a little to dark. Think the way that happened was I was using photoshop on my laptop to slightly tweak the shots, one day my daughter ca
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, my name is david, I'm from manchester england
  7. Hi ladies & gents. Just looking for some advice on where I could be going wrong. My average CRTon alamy is I think 0.22, which I believe is terrible. I've been an alamy contributor for over a year now and my images are getting hardly any views at all. I know I dont have a lot of images on alamy (128), but all the time on alamy I've only ever had 2 zooms in total. Now I wouldn't say my images are absolutely breathtaking, but I dont think they are that terrible also. If there is anything obvious someone can spot as to why I'm not getting any sales or zooms then pleas
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