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  1. yes absolutely, in every event that I follow I am accredited to be able to photograph and sign the release form for the use of the material, otherwise I could not publish, and some artists specify that photos cannot be used in some sectors.
  2. sorry but I don't understand your answer very well.
  3. nice pictures, but I wanted to see the ones you posted on alamy for comparison.
  4. I don't use topaz for editorial photos because I don't like the result very much, maybe there's something wrong, what's your portfolio?
  5. yes I understand what you mean, I try to keep the scene as realistic as possible as in reality.
  6. thanks, yes the part of the keywords I still don't understand very well and I find a lot of difficulties, I would like to deepen this topic but I find all fairly generic guides that do not go specifically. thanks for your advice
  7. Thank you very much for the advice, very much appreciated, yes in fact my big problem is to understand the right insertion system of the suitable kw, for example those suggested I had not thought of inserting them .. any advice on how to get inspiration for the kw? to understand which ones are more correct than others ..
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I will try to be as varied as possible with the topics and to be more assiduous with the upload. thank you
  9. hi everyone, I have been registered with alamy for a year but a recently active user, I wanted a tip or an opinion from you more experienced than me (I see very nice portfolios) on my mainly editorial material, if it is loaded with the right caption and keywords and even if the photos are suitable for sale on this site .. at the moment unfortunately I only have one sale 😅 Thanks https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/668680.html
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