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  1. I will try that. I really hope that I can find a way to use stocksubmitter though because I use it as a manager to show what has been uploaded or not. Unfortunately, it can only manage what it uploads and cannot reverse sync data from images that are uploaded directly. Since there is apparently no way to delete failed images from my Alamy dashboard it makes really cumbersome to use it as a manager. Right now this is what my dashboard looks like and I really need to clean it up. I am a very organized person and I do not like clutter.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Let me try to answer a few questions. I use a Sony A6500 camera and shoot my images in RAW (ARW). I edit my images in Capture One. I export my edited images to JPEG using the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Profile @ 300 dpi. I use the Stocksubmitter program to do all the keywording and metadata work on the image and to upload the image to Alamy. Stocksubmitter shows that all the images uploaded successfully with no issues. I only upload my best special images to Alamy. My intention is to host only my best work on here and to only post unique images that will on
  3. Newbie here. I passed QC and got approved, but now most images I upload end up as "Processing Failed" It does not say that they were rejected, only that they failed to process. I admit that I I have a slow internet connection, but I only upload one image at a time and make sure it fully uploads. Another problem is that all of these "Processing Failed" images are in my submission manager and I can find no way to delete them. How do a deleted these failed images so I can clean up the manager?
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