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  1. The city of Dnipro. In the tent - karting. Houses were built and designed by Ukrainian nouveau riche. Yeah, got it! Century live - Century learn So Margaret Thatcher closed all coal mines to save London from the fog?
  2. Usually we have winter like this. But such a winter we have less and less. Due to global climate change, winter is increasingly like this. It’s very damp on the street, clothes humid wet and it becomes cold literally to the bone. When I was in school, we were often told about London fog. I can’t imagine how Londoners live in it constantly? But in the summer we have another misfortune - it’s very hot. The temperature reaches +40 C and higher. That's how we live, taking pictures. https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults 10
  3. And what prevents Alamy from stopping this, how did everyone do it? Moreover, this is done elementarily. No, I never return a purchase. Because I relate to purchases thoroughly and unhurriedly. Online goods (real), too, do not return - because I do not buy them. What for? It's not hard for me to tear my ass off the couch and go to the store. Once bought online and sworn for a lifetime. I am flattered that I am at least prompted you to do something.
  4. On contrary, I think buyers understand everything perfectly. In vain you make white lambs of them. Alas, I see no good reason for Alami to take this seriously. After all, they are neither cold nor hot from this. I totally agree with you! I don’t think so! To buy at Shutterstock for $ 0.33 cents - you need to buy a subscription for at least $ 250. And in Alamy this can be done absolutely free. They reimbursed everything - penny for penny. Of course, I will do so - but there is little sense in this. Until Alamy himself understands that he is digging a hole for himself. And that a digital product is like underwear - it cannot be returned and exchanged.
  5. Good day! Happy New Year! Not that I'm so greedy, but I want to find out the truth. It often happens that people come directly to me and ask, so to speak, to give them a from one of my photos. The reasons are very different - but mostly financial. Since I myself am not very rich, as a rule, I go to meet the requestor. But recently an interesting incident happened to me. A few weeks ago I have sale one of the photos (Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Impresiones, tarjetas y regalos personales o referencias para artistas. Solo para un uso no comercial; no se permite la reventa. "Translation of Spanish text - Prints, cards and personal gifts or references for artists. For non-commercial use only; Resale is not allowed.'' Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use 46 MB 4927 x 3263 pixels 658KB compressed Start: 03 December 2019 End: 03 December 2024). And the next day she was returned (04 December 2019) Sale refunded - Original sale date (03 December 2019). But why not an explanation for the reason for the return? I think this is a certain element of fraud, IMHO. What do you think about this, gentlemen, experienced stockers who have been working with Alamy for a long time?
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